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Why This Streamer Reminds Valkyrae Of Corpse Husband

In a surprising development, Valkyrae seems to have found a streamer with a much smaller following who reminds her of her deep-voiced streaming partner, Corpse Husband. 

The professional relationship between Corpse Husband and Valkyrae has been one of the most successful in recent memory. As Corpse Husband exploded in popularity throughout 2020, his frequent collaborations with Valkyrae helped raise both of their profiles and deliver content that fans love.


Perhaps the most iconic example of the pair working together on an innovative and viewer-appreciated project was when Valkyrae cameoed in a Machine Gun Kelly music video that featured lyrics recorded by Corpse Husband. In the video for "Daywalker!," Valkyrae acts as a stand-in for the notoriously camera-shy streamer, appearing just as Corpse's lyrics begin and even lip-syncing to most of his verses.

While the Machine Gun Kelly music video crossover was undoubtedly a highlight of the collaborative efforts between Valkyrae and Corpse Husband, the pair have put a ton of effort into building their channels through more traditional methods. Both are committed to regular steaming schedules for popular games like "Among Us," "Rust," and "Grand Theft Auto Online" and have dedicated themselves to providing regular content for their viewers.


So, what do Corpse Husband and up-and-coming streamer error8D have in common?

Like Corpse Husband, error8D was willing to listen to Valkyrae's advice

In the lead-up to a recent "Grand Theft Auto Online" stream hosted on the exclusive NoPixel roleplaying servers, Valkyrae spoke briefly about her positive interactions with error8D. After briefly confusing his real name, Ryan, with the name of his character in "Grand Theft Auto Online," Eric, Valkyrae gave error8D a shoutout and told fans why she thought he demonstrated a similar potential to that of Corpse Husband in the early days.


"I messaged him last night and I said, 'Here's a list of things you need to do ... Make a Twitter, make some Twitch panels, and set up alerts.' And this dude did all three things. He listened to me," Valkyrae explained. Error8D's receptiveness to Valkyrae's behavior and follow through on the steps she recommended reminded her of how she was able to help Corpse Husband achieve the massive growth his channel saw in 2020 that eventually led to a billboard in Times Square.

Valkyrae went on to speculate about whether delivering advice like that was something she might consider professionally in the future. She said, "I feel like I need to become an agent. I feel like when I'm older, I could become an agent and help creators become creators." Future plans aside, Valkyrae also praised Error8D's demeanor on stream, calling him "talkative and grateful ... very caring and thoughtful, he deserves this, you know?"