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Here's How To Unlock The Secret Ending In Days Gone

"Days Gone" is an open-world survival/horror that follows bounty hunter Deacon St. John on an existential journey through a post-apocalyptic world. When it first came out, gamers were largely disappointed. If it was such an underwhelming game though, why was there so much excitement over the "Days Gone" PC rumor that made the rounds in April of 2020?


Turns out this title has actually developed quite a following. In fact, there was so much enthusiasm on Twitter over the idea of a "Days Gone" short film, some might expect that this PlayStation flop could get a second life.

If you're a fan, you may be hoping for a sequel to "Days Gone." Well, the secret ending sets up the story in a way that opens the door to the possibility of a second installment, so — what's that? You've never seen the secret ending?

While you're waiting to see if there's any news regarding "Days Gone 2," you may want to go back to the first game and unlock the secret ending. Not only will this give you an opportunity to play it again, but you will see how a sequel could make sense. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.


Waiting for the call in Days Gone

If players satisfy enough of the mission requirements, Deacon will receive a call from James O'Brien, a member of N.E.R.O. who lent him a hand earlier in the game when he was saving his wife from the outbreak that set everything in motion. He asks Deacon to meet him at a cemetery, which is where players will get to see the secret ending play out


As one Redditor notes, unlocking the "Days Gone" secret ending is not an overly complicated process. It's automatically available after players finish the game. That doesn't mean there's no additional work required, though.

One gamer who was having some trouble asked others on Reddit how to get the call. Another user explained that "Once you complete the game, one story mission after the next will pop up. You do those and that's it." Another user urged readers that they need to "Keep playing and eventually more story missions become available." It's important for players to actually continue playing the game instead of passively wandering around.

Now try it out for yourself so you can see why it's a perfect setup for a "Days Gone" sequel.