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Meet MrBeast's Girlfriend, Maddy Spidell

Even if you're a hardcore MrBeast fan, you likely only know a little bit about his girlfriend Maddy Spidell. The pair made their relationship public in 2019, and since they keep their relationship fairly private, there's a lot the world doesn't know about the special woman in MrBeast's life.


As talented and successful as MrBeast is, it makes sense that people are curious about the person he's dating. In his nearly 10 years as a YouTuber, MrBeast has garnered over 66 million subscribers. He's well-known for his generous giveaways, like when he caused a waitress to quit her job after giving her a $100,000 tip or that time he hosted a massive giveaway in "Minecraft." While his burger company might have fans divided, MrBeast is still well-loved by the his followers.

So, what's a guy with a massive following and a heart of gold look for in a partner? Without further adieu, it's finally time to meet MrBeast's girlfriend, Maddy Spidell.

Maddy Spidell appears in several MrBeast videos

Fans may recognize Maddy Spidell from her appearances in MrBeast videos. The couple keeps their relationship fairly private, so these glimpses into their life together are few and far between.

In their first video together from Feb. 2020, appropriately titled "Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day," MrBeast shows how far he's willing to go to impress Spidell. After setting up the flowers with his friends all day, MrBeast gave Spidell the big reveal. She absolutely loved the thoughtful surprise, especially the Baby Yoda rose arrangement complete with her name. You can see her appearance in the last three minutes of the video, which cuts out right before the two kiss, keeping some parts of their relationship just between them. For the romantics, this video shows how far MrBeast is willing to go for his girlfriend.


You can also catch Spidell in MrBeast's May 2020 video "​​I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement." She visits him when he has 15 hours left and immediately asks, "Why would you voluntarily do this to yourself?" MrBeast made it through the 50 hours and got to slime his friends as a reward, even though his girlfriend couldn't grasp the reason behind the mayhem.

Spidell also appears near the end of MrBeast's July 2020 video "I Adopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter," where the two decide to adopt an adorable dog named Pinky. Seeing the couple fall in love with the adorable pup is as heartwarming as MrBeast's dog-saving initiative.

Taylor Swift is Maddy Spidell's favorite musician

Are you "...Ready For It?" When it comes to music, Maddy Spidell is a total Swiftie. She has a soft spot for multidimensional and multitalented superstar Taylor Swift and talks about her frequently on social media.


Even Spidell's Twitter bio captures her love for the singer-songwriter: "nacho fries, taylor swift and milwaukee basketball is all you're really gonna find here." However, these days, even cheese sauce and sports can't compete with Spidell's love for Tay. As she tweeted in February 2021: "Thank you for sharing your opinions about why you don't like Taylor Swift, I can assure you that absolutely no one cares!"

Take a scroll through Spidell's Twitter and you'll find that she's consistently hyped about Swift's music. She shared her random joy in November 2020, saying, "What a beautiful day to listen to taylor swift's entire discography." Sometimes, her love for the artist overwhelms her. In August 2020 she said, "I cry about how much I love Taylor Swift maybe 2-3 times a week."


As much as she loves TS, Spidell has other musical interests as well, including KISS, Bleachers, and a more recent songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo. Clearly, there's no end to her hilarious and passionate fandom.

Maddy Spidell's own YouTube channel is growing

Maddy Spidell just started sharing her own YouTube videos in February 2021, and as of August 2021, she's already up to 13,000 subscribers and counting. Her first video, "Reading Lies About Myself On The Internet...," is her most popular with over 100,000 views. 


Fans learned a lot about Spidell in her inaugural video, where she set the record straight with a few fun facts. For example, the content creator revealed she was 21 years old and close to 5'9." Her inspirations include Taylor Swift, Kate Spade, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia Culpo, her mom, and other "kickass women." She works as a social media marketing manager, which is no surprise given her impressive creativity, as well as her media and people skills.

Other topics on her channel include blindfolded baking, her morning routine, "butt friendly" jeans, and hairstyles. Spidell's YouTube channel isn't her only social media outlet gaining fans — she's also a successful influencer on both Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram features stunning modeling photos and primarily pink hues, while her Twitter showcases her goofy, fun-loving personality.