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The Real Reason That Dr Disrespect Won't Go On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Despite their wildly different areas of focus, it seems that there is more of a crossover audience between Dr Disrespect and Joe Rogan than fans might expect. However, despite the interest in seeing the two together, Dr Disrespect once again shot down the idea on a recent stream, laying out a fundamental reason why he is unlikely to ever appear on "The Joe Rogan Experience."

Fans have been calling for Dr Disrespect to appear on Rogan's wildly popular podcast for a matter of years now. Fans on Reddit have been suggesting that Dr Disrespect should stop by the podcaster's studio since well before "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast left YouTube in 2020 when Rogan signed one of the biggest contracts in podcast history with Spotify. While Dr Disrespect seems to be on Rogan's radar — at least judging by a mention from the podcaster noted on Reddit in 2018 — it doesn't sound like the crossover is any closer to occurring now than it was before.

In fact, during a recent warm-up before an "Apex Legends" session, a fan brought up the possibility to Dr Disrespect again, and the streamer offered a little clarity as to why he was unlikely to appear on the show — or any other podcast, for that matter. Here is the real reason that Dr Disrespect won't go on Joe Rogan's podcast.

Dr Disrespect only wants to go on a podcast on his own terms

Dr Disrespect fielded viewer comments on a recent stream while he got himself in the zone to play "Apex Legends." Repeating a question typed into the chat, Dr Disrespect read, "Joe Rogan calls and gives you a crisp invite?"

The streamer didn't hesitate at all, responding, "Probably not." He continued, "There's a reason. If I'm gonna go on a podcast, I'm gonna go on a podcast my way. And that might require additional resources and funding, okay?" Dr Disrespect is known for the high production values of his stream, characteristics which have carried over to the recent music video for "Gamerobics," a song that was meant to be played on a cassette.

Perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that such a vocal portion of fans want to see the two personalities interact. Joe Rogan has been at the center of several controversies, and Dr Disrespect is known for doubling down on his own comments after fan backlash. Ultimately, trying to get two strong-willed personalities into the same room may pose a challenge, so it may be a while before fans see Dr Disrespect and Joe Rogan share a studio.