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Tragic Details About Amouranth

Life as a streamer can be taxing. As an audience grows, the pressure mounts to keep up with demand. Living in the spotlight can also take a toll on your personal life, leaving you susceptible to obsessive fans and harsh criticism. Twitch streamer Amouranth has encountered plenty of difficulties throughout her career, but she hasn't let them stop her.


Amouranth is a content creator known for her cosplay, art, ASMR, and hot tub streams. The streamer knocked Pokimane from the top spot on Twitch in April 2021, reaching a new level of superstardom. Making it to that point wasn't easy, and her life did not get easier from there. The next month, Twitch made a shocking decision to suspend ads on Amouranth's channel. While the move was later reversed, the damage was done and she took a hit to her income. Of course, decreased revenue is not the only hardship she's faced.

Amouranth has endured plenty of turbulent moments throughout her years on Twitch. Here are some of the most tragic details.

Amouranth's fans are obsessive

One of the most stressful aspects of being a famous streamer is struggling to maintain a peaceful private life. This is especially challenging for Amouranth, whose followers sometimes don't know how to respect boundaries.


Admirers are to be expected, but some of the streamer's devotees are a whole other breed. One of Amouranth's fans reportedly took this to a scary extreme by flying to meet her under the illusion that they were engaged. This was someone with whom she had never interacted, yet he would message her non-stop over this imagined relationship. This wasn't her only incident with a stalker.

In 2017, Amouranth tweeted about a random fan who wanted her to cancel her stream because "he was in town." In the comments, a user asked, "is he the one who offered you 30k?" She replied, "I don't think so, different creeper." This brief exchange speaks volumes about the number of stalkers she has to deal with. Sometimes, the obsession can be life-threatening.


In August 2021, Amouranth revealed that there was a terrifying arson attempt on her home. Luckily, no one was hurt, but that doesn't change the fact that she puts her life on the line by having a public presence.

Amouranth's personal life has suffered because of streaming

Known for providing peer support for gamers, Dr. Alok Kanojia hosted an episode of "Healthy Gamer" with Amouranth titled "​​The Curse of Productivity." She began the meeting upbeat and seemingly eager to chat, though as they explored the things that troubled her, they unearthed some deeper pain.


After a long pause, Dr. K asked why Amouranth felt she deserved less than others, and she confessed that she struggled to "want other things ... as much." She then elaborated that she didn't enjoy taking time off because that time could be spent working toward her bigger goal of starting an animal ranch. While on this subject, Amouranth also revealed that she doesn't do "whatever mental health things people do," suggesting she has sacrificed her own emotional wellbeing for the sake of her job. She then lamented how she doesn't really have much companionship aside from her dogs.

Later, she spoke about sadness and how she mourns losing a part of herself. It's easy to see that streaming has taken a toll on her personal life.


Amouranth's privacy may have been compromised by another creator

In 2018, YouTuber L OF THE DAY uploaded a video accusing Amouranth of secretly being married. While such a claim might seem more frustrating than dangerous, it may have opened up the floodgates to even more stalkers.


Before the video was published, Amouranth told Syfy Wire that she didn't worry much about "local stalkers." Following that video's publication, the situation allegedly changed for the worse. The folks at Syfy Wire contacted her again only to learn that L OF THE DAY's accusation reportedly "created an online mob that has been doxing private information." Not only was her own sensitive information uncovered, but her family, friends, and businesses were affected as well.

According to Amouranth, this video put her "in real physical danger." She was also forced into a difficult situation where she could only refute these claims by divulging additional private information that she was determined to protect.


Amouranth told Syfy Wire that the video did not negatively impact her viewership, but it did remove some of the anonymity that she depended on for her own security. It's quite disturbing to think that one content creator may have cracked the dam protecting her from a flood of malicious fanatics.