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What Charizard Would Really Look Like As A Fairy Type

Ever wondered what Charizard would look like as a fairy type? If a stunning piece of artwork from Australian artist and Redditor Abz_art is any example, the flying flamethrower is just as magnificent in the style of a fairy type, if not more so.

In a post shared on Reddit, 1,400 fans upvoted the two designs shared which feature both a pink and a shiny blue version of Fairy type Charizard, both accented with soft purple hues. Though the star Pokémon is clearly recognizable as Charizard, its round butterfly-like wings, curved-in heart-shaped horns, and luscious mane give it a clearly Fairy-like vibe. Artist Abdul, best known by his nickname Abz, included the type symbols in the photo, labeling this special Charizard as Fairy/Flying, which differs from the classic Fire/Flying version.

Fans of the images will also love the Fairy type Charizard Pokédex entry, which Abz mentioned in a comment: "They are often perceived as docile due to their inviting colours, but they are ferocious creatures. Spring time is when they conduct mass hunts, due to being able to camouflage among the cherry blossom trees." The contrast of the pastel hues with the ferociousness fans know and love about Charizard is part of what makes this Pokémon creation so lovable. Of course, no art would reach the wider web if it didn't have a fanbase supporting it, and Fairy type Charizard is no different. 

Fairy Charizard's warm reception

As for the response from fellow Redditors to the Fairy Charizard artwork, people were generally hyped, singing Abz's praises in comments. One Redditor mused, "I would catch this if real." Pokémon designers might want to take note.

This isn't the first time Abz has created unique Pokémon art, and it certainly won't be the last. According to his website, Abz "create[s] artwork ranging from nostalgic fan art to my own original designs...I also work on custom commissions for people from around the globe." As he shared in the Pokédex entry comment, Abz is planning on working on a Dragon type Charizard next. Fans can watch Abz bring Fairy Charizard to life in a TikTok from Abz's account, which is racking up likes on the platform.

Whether by happenstance or intentionally, Abz chose to reinvent Charizard at a hot time in the Pokémon's history. Since the fiery beast is the star of the most expensive Pokémon trading card in history, which got a rerelease in June, the hype around it is at an all-time high. Celebs like Logic and Logan Paul have dropped massive amounts of cash on an iconic Charizard card, for example. It's possible that the fiery Pokémon is finally ready for his big cultural moment.