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The Sad Truth About The New PS5 Pro Rumor

Just months after the PS5's late 2020 release, gamers were already spreading rumors that Sony had plans for a PS5 Pro. Prospective PS5 buyers got the worst supply news in 2021, finding out that they shouldn't expect significant PS5 availability until sometime in 2022. With PS5 availability looking grim for the foreseeable future, gamers didn't necessarily expect (or want) the news that Sony had already begun plans for the much-rumored PS5 Pro, but that's what they got when one YouTuber dropped a bombshell on the gaming community. The PS5 Pro may finally be coming — even if not for a couple of years.

Moore's Law is Dead, a collective that examines hardware and technology, speculated in a YouTube video that the PS5 Pro is on its way. Moore's Law is Dead's host, Tom, previously shared info regarding the potential for a new PS5 model. This time, he said he could confirm that he was "100% sure of the PlayStation 5 Pro coming out — I would say — by the end of 2023, but I would say for sure by the end of 2024." However, Tom added, there's no way to really predict what the updated console would look like or what sort of specs it'll have. He did predict, however, that the new console might be 8K-ready, making Sony's game look better than ever before.

Tom also discussed a potential Xbox update, but noted that both Sony and Microsoft would likely wait until late 2022 or 2023 before releasing new versions of its consoles, mainly due to the current shortage of parts needed for next-gen consoles. While this is an exciting prospect, fans weren't completely on board with the idea of the PS5 Pro's development.

Fans hope PS5 scalpers will change focus

Gamers didn't seem too pleased with Sony's apparent plans to release a PS5 Pro, especially since so many still can't get their hands on the first wave of PS5s. One commenter posted, "All the PS5 Pro rumours and yet people can't get a base PS5 still? And everybody talking about Pro?" It's true that the next-gen shortage has led to several problems in the gaming community, including scalpers.

Resellers have made an astonishing amount of money off of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sales, leaving typical buyers out of luck when attempting to purchase a system for themselves. One gamer had a bright idea on beating scalpers, tweeting, "Bro look at it this way. If the PS5 Pro rumors are true, then maybe the scalpers will buy that and we can get a base PS5."

As of now, all discussion of the PS5 Pro is strictly speculation. Even though content creators like Tom from Moore's Law is Dead say they can confirm the PS5 Pro's release, and even pinpoint it to a release window, Sony hasn't announced anything concrete just yet. Still, that doesn't stop gamers from wondering about the availability of PS5s in the future — and it doesn't outright halt any excitement for the future of consoles.