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GTA 6 Fans Spot A Weird Riddle In Next-Gen GTA 5 Trailer

Gamers really want "GTA 6," and they're prepared to really reach for any and all hints that the next "GTA" title is on the way. Even though previous theories about sneaky "GTA 6" marketing haven't proved fruitful, fans are still looking for signs that an announcement could be just around the corner. The latest theory comes from a weird riddle that fans spotted in a commercial for the expanded next-gen version of "GTA 5."

Fans were in an uproar over the new "GTA 5" ad — mainly because it was a reminder that Rockstar is still leaning on an eight-year-old game at this point — but a few fans managed to craft a theory worth taking note of. The "GTA 5" next-gen ad showed few differences from the original game, but it also included one detail people paid special attention to: yellow license plates. Many gamers noticed that the license plates featured in the "GTA 5" next-gen trailer were yellow instead of white. 

One gamer complained about the minor change on Reddit, posting a meme titled "Woah, the license plates are now yellow instead of white. Totally worth the next-gen upgrade." Some viewers believed that the yellow plates were an accident caused by a lighting bug that developers would eventually work out of the game, but many others looked to the plates for clues about the future of "GTA." And sure enough, what they found could be a hint at what's on the horizon in "GTA 6."

A vanity plate with a message

In the next-gen "GTA 5" trailer, fans spotted a license plate that stood out amongst the others. One astute viewer posted their theory to Reddit, including a close-up of the license plate, which read "61SAL890." The poster claimed that the license plate could be a hidden clue for gamers reading, "6 is a late 90s," meaning that the sixth "GTA" installment could take place in the late 90s. 

The plate only appeared briefly in the trailer, and some gamers weren't so convinced it meant anything special. One commenter said that the plate could mean "GTA 6" will come out in 2090, poking fun at the long wait fans have already had to endure. Others thought it could mean that the title will be set in the future of the 2090s.

Even as many doubted the validity of the secret license plate message, others said that coming from Rockstar, it very well could be true. In the past, fans have found other supposed messages from Rockstar devs, like a morse code message for someone named Dan in "GTA," hinting that a "Bully" sequel could be on the way. "GTA 5" itself has tons of hidden details, as well. Even though it's true that Rockstar devs love including small Easter eggs for fans to find, that doesn't mean that the license plate theory is accurate. Gamers will unfortunately have to wait to see if the plates have any real meaning. Here's to hoping that "GTA 6" doesn't actually release in 2090.