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Meet FaZe Jarvis' Girlfriend, Model Hannah Ridgeway

If you're into the world of gaming and content creation, you probably already know YouTuber FaZe Jarvis — but some fans may be unfamiliar with his girlfriend, model Hannah Ridgeway. Judging by Hannah's debut appearance on Jarvis' channel, in which he introduced her to viewers as his new girlfriend, the two have been together since roughly the start of 2021. Even before they were dating, however, Jarvis shared a variety of videos in which he directly referred to Hannah as his crush. From videos about a fart spray prank to a surprise massage to awkward questions and more, fans of this couple have had the opportunity to see their relationship develop pretty much in real-time.


There's a lot left to learn about Hannah, though out of the gate it's clear to see that she supports her boyfriend's career. FaZe Jarvis has been in the online gaming world since he was a kid, and his transformation over time has stunned fans. While a lifetime "Fortnite" ban put a damper on things for him, he may have found his new career as a boxer in recent months. He continues to stay active on YouTube with fun and random IRL videos. Though he's been through his fair share of drama, he remains successful and popular.

So, who is the special woman in FaZe Jarvis' life, and what should fans know about her? Get ready to meet Hannah Ridgeway.

Hannah Ridgeway is a social media star

Like her partner, Hannah is super into staying active online. She's posted  a wide variety of content on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Most notably, her Instagram regularly features her stunning modeling shots. Though she's employed a wide variety of looks that capture different sides of her, though one thing that's stayed consistent for a while is her signature pink hair. Whether she's in a swimsuit or sweatpants, Hannah consistently delivers sophistication and style.


In addition to her IG modeling success, Hannah's YouTube channel offers a window into her personal life, including her relationship with FaZe Jarvis. She's posted a number of playful videos with him, including ones in which she exposes his DMs, uses an eye tracker with him, and competes in "Fortnite" for the chance to be his girlfriend. Clearly, Ridgeway has a silly side and doesn't mind participating in videos with Jarvis, even when they're poke fun at their own relationship. While Hannah isn't as active on Twitter or TikTok these days, her content on those platforms is similarly light and playful, often proudly showing off her goofy side.

Hannah Ridgeway's a huge Britney Spears fan

"It's Britney, b***h!" When it comes to music, Hannah seems to have a clear favorite in Britney Spears, and who could blame her? The iconic singer is easy to love, though Hannah's appreciation is definitely stronger than most.


On Twitter in February 2021, the model and social media creator shared a photo of a listing for 23 Britney dolls from the 2000s, complete with a "Play Along Concert Stage" with the caption "Yes or no." Though Hannah didn't follow up on the prospective purchase with her fans, clearly, her love for Britney knows no bounds.

And that's not all the love Hannah's expressed for Britney. As she shared on TikTok in January 2020, Hannah visited the Britney Spears Museum and had the time of her life. She wrote that she's "been in love with Britney Spears [her] entire life," and her excitement in the video clearly shows it. Seeing her reactions to iconic Britney music video props and moments from "Toxic," "Circus," "Stronger," and many more hit songs, it's clear Hannah is a true fan for life.


FaZe Jarvis' Ex-Girlfriend and Hannah Ridgeway get along well

Getting along with your favorite person's ex is hard, right? Not for Hannah Ridgeway. While many could feel insecure or jealous of Jarvis' ex, model and social media star Sommer Ray, Hannah is not one of those people. In fact, it seems the two are actually pretty good friends.


Hannah and Sommer have been in multiple videos together with FaZe Jarvis, and the three seem to have a great time together. With trivia about who knows FaZe better, a video about who FaZe would rather date, and a playfully dramatic confrontation in which Hannah bakes an actual cake to compete with Sommer's so-called "cake," it's clear that all three stars enjoy poking fun at their shared history and friendship.

After learning a bit about Hannah Ridgeway, it's easy to understand why she's a great match for FaZe Jarvis. It seems safe to say that fans can expect more quality content from the fun-loving and talented model and social media star in the future.