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The Real Reason TimTheTatman Won't Play Apex Legends

TimTheTatman's YouTube announcement had the internet going wild a few weeks ago, confirming that the streamer would be leaving Twitch for good. This opened up the door for him to reunite with long-time buddy DrDisrespect, and now the two are tearing up battle royale lobbies together quite often. However, Tim has put his foot down and explained that he's done playing one of the major games in the genre: "Apex Legends."

On September 6, TimTheTatman explained that "Apex Legends" is just too slow for him because of all the rotating around the map (via a clip from Dexerto). He brought this up while talking about a conversation he had with DrDisrespect, where he told the Doc "NOmegalul" when asked if he wanted to play "Apex Legends."

Tim also brought up the fact that "Apex Legends" is the complete opposite of what DrDisrespect typically likes, too. The Doc is known for "violence" and "speed," and "Apex Legends" just doesn't deliver on that front.

It's definitely a tricky situation. While "Apex Legends" might not be Tim's favorite battle royale game, "Call of Duty: Warzone" has bold cheaters that have made the game a drag for many players. Even so, TimTheTatman still loves it, and that's where he the Doc disagree.

Back in May, the Doc actually thought that "Warzone" should start over from scratch, and other streamers are just as obsessed with staying out of the hacker-filled lobbies. The Doc's not the only one looking to other battle royales, either. That being said, Twitter inevitably found a way to weigh in on the situation.

Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone?

On Twitter, people were upset with TimTheTatman's ideas about "Apex Legends," saying that he just doesn't understand how the different game modes in the game affect gameplay. "Apex" is a pretty different system compared to "Warzone." One user pointed out that changes based on the most overpowered gun at the time break the balance of "Warzone," while "Apex Legends" does not include "flavor of the month" weapons and maintains a steadier roster.

Many people thought that the problem was the Ranked mode in "Apex Legends" and how too many new players decide to obsess over ranking up. Others just thought Tim's assessment was just completely wrong. Some called "Apex Legends" one of the only games with incredible speed and momentum, which is the opposite of what Tim indicated.

One user pointed out that "Warzone" can feel better for some players because it's easier to kill enemies, making the skill gap seem smaller than in other games. Considering that TimTheTatman knows people enjoy watching him because he's not the best at the games he plays (evidenced by his run-in with the savage "Fall Guys" Twitter community), this insight could be on to something.