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An Earthquake Is No Match For This Twitch Rivals Game

Reynald "ReynaldJT" Tacsuan, a California-based Twitch streamer, recently took dedication to gaming to the next level when he played through an earthquake during a recent Twitch Rivals "Guilty Gear" game. He was in the middle of a match when he suddenly felt an actual earthquake shaking the room. Instead of bolting for cover, he stood up from where he was sitting, readjusted the Hitbox controller on his lap, and kept his eyes on the prize. 


And surprisingly enough, he achieved all this with minimum fuss. Of course, he didn't get through it without a dropping a few swears here and there. "Oh my god! There's a f***ing earthquake," he exclaims in a clip of the incident posted to Twitter. "Oh my god!" He continued mashing buttons at a competitive level, despite the surprise and the expletives. 

It seemed to pay off, too. Tacsuan was participating in the Twitch Rivals Guilty Gear -Strive- Team Showdown on Friday, Sept. 17 at the time of the earthquake. Two teams, one for North American players and another for Japanese ones, pitted players against each other for about $218 per match. According to EventHubs, Tacsuan had the highest win-loss record out of the North American competitors at 5-3. For individual games, his record was 24-6. Tacsuan mained Axl Low, one of "Guilty Gear's" most popular long-range fighters and zoners.


In another clip from his channel, viewers can see him playing against fellow competitor BNBBN during one of the quakes, showing his unwavering attention to the tournament.

Just casually playing Guilty Gear during an earthquake

Many of Tacsuan's followers seemed supportive of the dangerous feat, as well as impressed by his tournament wins. "Earthquakes are temporary. Glory is forever," one person commented on Twitter. Thankfully, Tacsuan seemed unharmed by the natural disaster.


Tacsuan seemed to enjoy the attention from his daring play. He later posted one of the clips on Twitter with the caption: "Whatever it takes to win bro. I'm either dying in this earthquake or I'm winning."

His reaction might seem extreme, but playing games through earthquakes is actually more common than one would expect. For example, Shroud kept playing "Apex Legends" through an earthquake at the suggestion of one of his teammates. He and his team went on to win the game unharmed. On the flip side, streamer Greci escaped from her home after an earthquake interrupted her Twitch stream, instead of staying on camera.

Despite the varying degrees of earthquake success between daring streamers, most public safety officials would suggest taking cover instead of playing games during earthquakes. Don't try this at home.