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This Twitch Stream Was Interrupted By An Earthquake

Twitch viewers never know what they're going to see, with everything from broken controllers to lost tempers being on the table. Now, to add to the list, natural disasters have left viewers of a particular Twitch streamer living in Peru feeling both excited and concerned. 

Grechi was in the middle of a game of "Dota 2" when an earthquake occurred. She suddenly tried to pause her game, then jumped up as the room started to shake around her, leaving both the game and her computer as the shaking intensified. Viewers clipped the scene, including the part where her stream disconnected (complete with offline broadcaster icon). According to Game Rant, Twitch community members reached out to her in concern shortly after she rushed out of the room. 

Thankfully, Grechi soon followed up on Instagram to let her viewers know she was unharmed and that she just experienced an earthquake on stream. As noted by Dexerto, she seemed to have a sense of humor about the ordeal, since the caption on her post roughly translated to "I pause first, then I run. Priorities in order."

Grechi mostly plays "Dota 2" and "GTA 5," but she has also hosted karaoke streams in the Just Chatting category. She speaks both English and Spanish in her streams, which has broadened her appeal with audiences. She has nearly 40,000 followers on Twitch, and can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Earthquakes and streaming share a weird history

The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Peru with about a 6.4 mile epicenter occurred west-southwest of Mala. According to the Associated Press, the quake reached as far as Lima and caused rocks to collapse onto a roadway near the coastline. However, local officials claimed there were "no major damages." Some locals reportedly fled their homes, though no one has filed any immediate reports for damage.

This isn't the first time streamers experienced natural disasters on stream. Late last year, Dexerto reported that "League of Legends" pro Perkz, who was living in Croatia at the time, experienced an earthquake in the middle of a game of "League" and chose to abandon his stream as well. Meanwhile, popular streamer Shroud, who felt a tremor in the middle of a game of "Apex Legends," chose to keep playing. While he was unharmed, bystanders generally agreed that he should've left. Earthquakes, even in smaller magnitudes, have the potential to be deadly, and it's hard to recommend that someone stay at their computer when one is happening.

It's unclear how much damage Grechi's home suffered, but she seems to be unharmed and in good spirits. She also appears to have already returned to playing "Dota 2." She's also apparently enjoying her newfound fame, reacting to the online coverage of her incident with enthusiasm.