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New Switch Leak Claims These N64 Games Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

The latest Nintendo Direct confirmed what many already expected based on rumors circulating in the game industry. Nintendo officially announced its plans to bring Nintendo 64 titles and, more surprisingly, Sega Genesis titles to the Nintendo Switch. Zippo, a Nintendo insider who has leaked reliable information in the past, wrote that these games are just the beginning of the N64's comeback on modern consoles. 

In his blog post on the topic, Zippo referenced his predictions for the Nintendo Direct, claiming he received confirmation for several Rare games' arrival on the Switch before the information became official. He claimed that "Banjo-Kazooie," "Diddy Kong Racing," and "Killer Instinct" (along with its sequel) were just a few more of the games coming to Nintendo's new service. These games are all published by Microsoft-owned studio Rare, which has a friendly relationship with Nintendo. 

Zippo said that fans should expect a "strong possibility of more Rare games" in the near future. "Nintendo and Microsoft's strong partnership is something that will continue, and that's something to be very excited about," he wrote in his blog.

Nintendo used to own Rare before it sold it to Microsoft. Other than childhood favorites like "Banjo-Kazooie," Rare also developed wildly popular titles like "Sea of Thieves." Rare games are just a few of the highlighted titles coming to Nintendo's new N64-focused service, though.

What's this new Nintendo subscription again?

Nintendo announced an all-star lineup of games like "Super Mario 64, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," and "Starfox" for its upcoming service. Other popular titles like "Paper Mario" and "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" are also apparently coming at a later date. Sega Genesis games announced for the service include "Sonic the Hedgehog 2," "Phantasy Star 4," and "Shinobi 3."

Gamers will need to pay for a different Nintendo Online subscription to enjoy N64 and Genesis games, however. These classics will be locked behind a separate subscription tier, but it's available for anyone to purchase if they want the enhanced retro gaming experience. Users with Nintendo Online subscriptions can opt to upgrade their plan without interrupting service. Nintendo also teased new controllers, one based on the original N64 controller and another based on the Sega Genesis', for those who want to keep the experience as authentic as possible.

Nintendo and its partners haven't confirmed Zippo's claims yet. If he's right, we can expect more Rare games coming to the Nintendo Switch and maybe other hidden gems for the N64 later in the year. The new Switch membership expansion pack doesn't have a specific release date yet, but Nintendo promised fans will hear more by late October.