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What The Critics Are Saying About The Nintendo Switch OLED

The newest iteration of the Nintendo Switch has arrived in the form of the Nintendo Switch OLED, and the most critical improvement is right in the name — a larger screen powered by OLED technology.

While the Nintendo Switch OLED is very much the same console that gamers have come to love ever since the original model arrived in 2017, a trailer for the device promised a new level of functionality in outdoor settings. However, many gamers found the announcement of a new Nintendo Switch with only basic component upgrades underwhelming, as many were hoping for the hypothetical but long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro to become the new flagship for the popular line of consoles.


Either way, the Nintendo Switch OLED is here just in time for the holiday season, bringing with it a new screen, some interesting backend functionality, and some basic expanded capabilities such as improved internal storage. Switch enthusiasts now have to decide whether these improvements warrant the purchase of a new, full-price console, while first-time buyers might be wondering if the extra $50 is worth it. Here is what the critics have to say about the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Critics are impressed with the new Nintendo Switch OLED screen, but not all feel it warrants an upgrade

While some fans may not have been particularly excited about a new Nintendo Switch OLED screen, critics across the boards have come away impressed. Eurogamer was perhaps the most enthusiastic about the improvement, and wrote that "if you don't own a Switch and you're looking to buy one, this is the one to get." Their review even said that the new console was a "must-have upgrade" for current Switch owners who value a portable experience.


IGN had plenty of nice things to say about the new screen and features, such as the improved bezel on the display, which expands the screen to a 7-inch display from its previous 6.2 inches while keeping the dimension almost the same. However, IGN ultimately felt that a lack of improvements for docked gaming made it "a tougher sell for current Switch owners, particularly those that mostly keep their console docked."

A review from The Verge tried to find the Nintendo Switch OLED's place in the growing family of Nintendo Switch options. The review noted, "The Switch Lite is the obvious entry point" for portable gamers, while the base model is "best for those who will primarily use it as a home console." Ultimately, The Verge felt that the Nintendo Switch OLED was "the best of both worlds" and "the more premium portable experience."