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The Brianna Arsement Video That Got Out Of Hand - Exclusive

YouTube star Brianna Arsement has millions of subscribers between her two gaming-focused channels, BriannaPlayz and BriannaGamez. Viewers can see her explore the vast worlds of both "Minecraft" and "Roblox" on those channels, where her enthusiasm and excitement for the game at hand is nothing short of infectious.

However, it is her primary channel, Brianna, where viewers will find her taking on some of the wildest family-friendly challenges out there. Brianna has filled her entire house with ball pit balls, celebrated every holiday in under 24 hours, and even once went on an underwater date with her husband, Preston, a fellow content creator she works with often.

Of course, considering just how many challenges Brianna shares on YouTube, it's inevitable that a few might get a bit out of control every once in a while — in a fun way. SVG sat down with Brianna in an exclusive interview, during which she talked about a video involving one of the world's strongest men, a car, and a variety of power tools that ended up being a little more than she might have bargained for. Here is the Brianna Arsement video that she felt got a little out of hand.

Brianna destroyed a car with Robert Oberst, the world's strongest man

When SVG asked Brianna about her wildest challenge, she didn't hesitate. Brianna said, "When you say 'out of hand,' it makes me think of a video I did with one of the world's strongest men. He was coming into town, and I was like, 'Guys, I really want to destroy a car. I don't know why, but it needs to happen.'"

Brianna's partner in destruction was Robert Oberst, a professional strongman who has been a finalist in multiple World's Strongest Man competitions. Brianna explained, "In two days, we found a car, got it from a lot, [and] he literally just used power tools on the car to destroy it, ripping off the doors, everything like that."

Brianna wasn't exaggerating, as fans can see on YouTube. With 30 minutes on the clock, Robert and Brianna donned safety glasses and gloves to do some real damage to a solid-looking SUV. The pair used a variety of methods to dismantle the car, including a sledgehammer, a Sawzall, a hockey stick, and even a plasma cutter, each with a surprising degree of effectiveness.

At the end of the video, the car looked a lot worse, but Brianna left with a "slice" of the car, complete with a "Royally B" insignia burnt into the panel — and she donated $1,000 to the charity of Robert's choice. While the challenge ended on a positive note, it was, as Brianna said, "Definitely out of hand!"