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Fortnite's New Character Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

There are dozens of characters and skins available in "Fortnite." You could play round after round and never see the same character twice. Some of them are original characters, while others are guest appearances from other franchises. Fans think Epic should bring back some skins, even though the roster of available characters is always changing. The ever-growing catalogue is just one of the many things that make "Fortnite" still worth playing in 2021 and likely one of the reasons that the game's mobile revenue is downright unfathomable. One of the ways Epic makes sure that fans are properly excited for these crossover characters is by making sure releases line-up with special events happening in characters' own respective metaverses. For example, the announcement that everyone's favorite mischievous Marvel villain was getting his own skin coincided with the popularity of the Disney+ show, "Loki."

Now fall is in the air and everyone's favorite zombie apocalypse thriller is coming back for the second half of its final season. Part A of "The Walking Dead" season 11 ended with many of its characters in mortal peril, leaving viewers in suspense until part 2 airs in 2022. Fan's won't have to wait that long to get back in the spirit of the series however because a Rick Grimes skin is now available in "Fortnite," just in time for Halloween.

Survival is his specialty

Andrew Lincoln's sheriff turned apocalyptic faction leader was the long-time protagonist of "The Walking Dead." The character left the show under mysterious circumstances at the end of season 10, (a decision that Lincoln has since come to regret,) but for many, Rick Grimes is still the face of the series. Fortnight's official Twitter page posted an image of the Georgia cowboy as part of their 'Fortnightmares' collection with the caption, "He's shown us what it takes to go through all walks of life... and afterlife." The image features Grimes in the animated "Fortnite" style wearing gray, tattered clothes, his trusty revolver on his hip, and a big bag of supplies strapped to his back. Fans can also spot his iconic sheriff bag full of guns from the first episode of the show, as well as a club and an exploding satellite.

The fan response to the announcement was mixed as many seemed underwhelmed with the abandoned character. User @D3NNI wrote, "he looks great!" while @LuckyWolf_ unenthusiastically stated, "Nice, another collab, sorry but fortnite should just be called 'collabnite' at this point" Others criticized the gear Epic chose for Grimes. @PhysicsSwitch wrote, "The skin is great, but the pickaxe is terrible." Although another user pointed out that the weapon was briefly used in the show, many would have preferred his more iconic red-handled machete or hatchet.

Players who still have love for the old survivor can get the Rick Grimes outfit in the game store now.