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The Apex Legends Poses That Are Too Hot For The Game To Handle

"Apex Legends" has a new glitch where epic poses can crash the game. Respawn acknowledged the issue and warned its players, but it'll still take until next week to fully patch these poses. PCGamesN reported that the glitches related to epic poses started weeks ago. However, Respawn only recently implemented a warning screen and tweeted out an alert. "There's currently an issue with animated epic poses which can cause crashes," the screen read. "We advise you to unequip these epic poses while our team works on a fix. Thanks!"

"Apex" banners are essentially player cards. Players can customize frames, badges, and quips for each character to express themselves and intimidate opponents. Poses are just one of the cosmetics that players can use to personalize their banners. Epic poses are higher rarity poses that involve animated sequences like running, jumping, or dancing. Unfortunately, the current version of "Apex Legends" can't quite handle these moves. Even worse, players can't seem to solve the problem on their own.

We're all in this together, apparently

Players can unequip epic poses, but they might still disconnect from the server if their opponents have the poses equipped. This complicates the issue for those heading into random lobbies because players can't control what their teammates or opponents equip.

"Still so many players flexing their epic banner poses," one person complained on Reddit. "It's the reason your teammates are disconnecting before a match." Others lamented that just unequipping their own poses didn't seem to fix the problem. After all, players can still match with random people who have their epic poses still equipped in lobbies. Even one player using a pose can disconnect an entire match.

Developers have already been hard at work implementing minor fixes. Unfortunately, devs still have a few discrepancies to iron out. "From reports internally, it doesn't seem to matter if other people have the animated banner pose; only if you do," one dev wrote directly in response a complaint on Reddit. They said that their QA team didn't see significant results with opponents equipping epic banner poses, but players were still reporting it. So it seems that they might need to work with the player base to pinpoint the non-apparent issue. "We're working hard to get things fixed, and hopefully things are already better thanks to some of the changes we've been able to make,," the dev added.

Apex Legends has had glitches before, including a hilarious Horizon glitch and a rough start to Season 9. The current glitch should hopefully pass, too. Until then, Respawn suggested that players unequip their own epic poses and hope for the best.