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Why Nintendo Won't Release A Switch 2

When it comes to Nintendo consoles, there are some iconic releases. Take the Wii for example — according to Digital Trends, the console sold over 100 million units, making it the fourth most-sold console of all time. Its successor, the Nintendo Switch, has also seen an insane amount of success, and people are starting to wonder what a Switch 2 could look like.


One of the biggest rumors about the Switch 2 came from Nate the Hate, a pretty prominent leaker in the gaming community. According to his YouTube video, developer kits were sent to developers early in 2021 from Nintendo for a new type of Switch console. While Nate the Hate goes into detail about what this 'Switch 2' could look like, he began the episode by pointing out that developers expected the release of a new console to be in 2021.

This begged the question of whether or not the Switch OLED could've been that console, or if there's a Switch 2 on the way. Rumors about a Switch 2 are everywhere, but there's plenty of reason to think that Nintendo may never release a second Switch.

Switch sales are still really high

The Nintendo Switch didn't just have the best launch of any Nintendo console ever — its sales have stayed ridiculously high. According to Nintendo Life, the Switch sold 89 million consoles by August 2021, about three and a half years after it was released. This made it the second-highest selling home console for Nintendo in a very short amount of time (sorry home consoles, the handheld Nintendo DS is still Nintendo's best selling console).


If Nintendo decided to develop a Switch 2, it would shorten the lifespan of the original Switch, which means less profit for Nintendo. This decision doesn't make too much sense yet since the Switch hasn't shown much sign of slowing down. The decision to make a second Switch when the first Switch is still doing incredibly well would also upset a lot of players, especially if the new console is not backwards compatible like Nate the Hate leaked.

The Switch OLED needs its time to shine

The Nintendo Switch OLED model was released in October 2021, and the upgraded version of the Switch needs its time to shine. With a plethora of upgrades, the OLED model gave Nintendo fans a way to experience their favorite games in a better way. While fans were underwhelmed with the Switch OLED announcement, critics thought that the system was a great addition to the Switch family, especially for looking to use the OLED model as a home system that handles docked and handheld gaming equally well.


The Switch OLED will need time to be bought and used by fans and newcomers to the Switch before a Switch 2 could ever be released. Considering Nintendo gave fans a premium version of the Switch 3 years after the original was released, the OLED model could be around for the long run. It's possible that the OLED model could discourage Nintendo from releasing a total upgrade of the system anytime soon. 

Historical Nintendo patterns hint that there may be no Switch 2

In a discussion about the possibility of a Switch 2 on Reddit, user Docile_Doggo mentioned that most home consoles from Nintendo get one "successor" in their lifetime. With the release of the OLED model of the Switch, the Switch could already have this box checked.


The OLED model had a lot of upgrades from the original Switch, like a better display, dock, and storage, but is it worth being called a successor? Given the time between releases, it certainly looks like a worthy upgrade, but with no new features really added, it's hard to say for sure whether it should count. However, if it is, it could signal that no Switch 2 is going to come.

While it wasn't what fans may expect from a Switch successor, Nintendo may be hesitant to stir the waters with a brand new console after its experience with the Wii U.

The Wii U failure could be holding Nintendo back

It's already been mentioned that the Wii is Nintendo's best-selling home console. However, the Wii U was a total flop. According to the same chart from Nintendo Life, the Wii U is Nintendo's worst-selling home console.


There are a variety of reasons as to why the Wii U just didn't work. The tech just wasn't enough to warrant an upgrade for most Wii users, and poor marketing left many fans confused about what the console was — did anyone else realize it wasn't an attachment to the Wii long after it was released?

This was a disaster for Nintendo, especially given how successful the Wii was, and the company isn't going to forget about it anytime soon. With that in mind, the idea of Nintendo branching out with a Switch 2 that has more upgrades and features seems unlikely — Nintendo may just stick to what worked best with the Switch.

There are still software updates to the Switch

Why release a Switch 2 when Nintendo is still adding features to the Switch? In September, Nintendo fans went wild over an update that allowed users to finally use bluetooth headphones with the console.


While this is one of the biggest features Nintendo added to the Switch after its release, there are still other upgrades the company could make. For example, the Switch has a Themes setting that only has two basic layouts (via How to Geek.) Considering the Theme Shop on the 3DS systems was full of fun, colorful options, that could be something that Nintendo will add later on to keep the system feeling fresh.

These quality-of-life changes are easy software updates, and they would keep the Switch feeling new without the need for a system overhaul. This kind of dedication to the console would make fans happy while also saving Nintendo a ton of money and risk.

Nintendo might have a different new system planned

As mentioned previously, it's quite possible that Nintendo could just abandon the "Switch" moniker after its refresh to the OLED edition. Still, according to newer rumors, it doesn't sound like there would be a massive change between console generations.


According to VGC, unnamed sources have told the outlet that dev kits for the Nintendo's next console are now in the hands of developers. That means at least a few studios are already hard at work on making the new generation of Nintendo games. Not much is known about this mysterious rumored console just yet, other than the fact that it will feature an LCD screen and a cartridge drive for games, as well as the fact that it will have a portable mode. In other words, Nintendo's next console could take a lot of lessons from the Switch, even if it's not called the Switch 2. 

Considering the fact that none of these sources have apparently dropped the alleged console's name — and that the system has already seen a console refresh — it's easy to imagine that Nintendo may have a different title for the next generation. Of course, only time will tell if this console will replace the Nintendo Switch or release alongside the gaming giant's mega-successful system.