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Why Fans Are Worried Summit1g Is Going To Get Banned

Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar may have started out his gaming career as a professional "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" player, but he's found an even higher degree of success as a streamer on Twitch; growing into one of the most popular and financially successful stars on the platform. But that doesn't mean there aren't still rules he has to follow.

Summit1g recently took some time on a Twitch stream to watch one of Doctor Disrespect's old YouTube videos in which the Doc went through a bunch of different racing simulation chairs in search of one that he might wish to add to his "command center." For those who don't know, Disrespect was suspended from Twitch under mysterious circumstances just over a year ago. Even now, fans still don't know why he was banned, but Twitch has been adamant about keeping him off the platform, Tim The Tatman made a stunning admission by saying he didn't think he was even allowed to play games with the Doc off-stream. The video didn't contain any content that would have been problematic in and of itself, but several fans were quick to point out that they didn't think streamers were allowed to watch Disrespect on their own Twitch streams — with some of them quickly growing concerned that Summit1g would be banned.

Summit1g isn't worried about a Twitch ban

During the stream, Summit's friend offscreen called out that he couldn't watch the Doc while live on Twitch. Summit took off his headphones and replied, "I'm not allowed to watch him? It's a YouTube video. Bulls***!" Many of the people in the stream's chat agreed with Summit1g's sentiment, but even those who thought the idea was stupid were still worried that Summit had accidentally broken one of the many odd rules realting to Disrespect's presence on Twitch. "I watch banned streamers all the time," Summit continued. "I watched a video with... what's that guy's name? The guy who faked like he was in a wheelchair. If I can't watch Doc, how can I watch him?" His friend simply replied, "yeah, but it's Doc," suggesting that there are special circumstances associated with his ban that perhaps don't apply to other banned streamers.

Summit was quick to laugh off the threat, saying, "alright boys, well hey, looks like our time is over. We're gonna be banned for three days. No I'm kidding, I'm kidding. We'll be right back in two seconds." It's worth noting that he did immediately close the window that featured the problematic video in question. Hopefully there aren't any ramifications from Twitch.