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McCree Isn't Entirely Gone From Overwatch Just Yet

Blizzard just rolled out the update that finally changed McCree's name to Cole Cassidy. However, despite the efforts to scrub the game clean of the former name, developers missed a few spots. 

Fans still found traces of the name McCree hidden on old cosmetics and files. For example, one Redditor found that McCree's Legendary Magistrate skin still has "God McCree" written on his belt buckle in Hangul (Korean characters). Many seem to think this was more of an oversight rather than something developers hoped no one would notice. Some commenters pointed out that developers working on the project probably couldn't read Hangul. The OP mentioned that the only reason they noticed the missed translation was because they happened to know Korean and the Magistrate skin was the one they used the most.

However, that's not the only mistake. Another person found that his icon still appears as McCree on the Blizzard launcher, too. "​​Another team is probably responsible for anything to do with the launcher," one commenter wrote. "They really should've seen this coming." Many Redditors on the thread figured that coordinating with all teams to incorporate "Cole Cassidy" would take more time than Blizzard has had so far. After all, as developers said before, it's a time-consuming, meticulous process that reaches wider than fans might realize.

What Blizzard said it was going to do about McCree and why

Earlier in 2021, a Blizzard community manager broke the company's silence by explaining that changing a character's name was a complicated process that involved recreating voice lines, cosmetics, and other development and publishing aspects. These changes took weeks of combing through all the game's files and coordinating with others involved to make sure that most of the references were removed.

Blizzard changed the cowboy hero's name after the serious allegations of harassment and abuse filed against the company. The name "Jesse McCree" came from the developer of the same name that worked on "Overwatch." After allegations of sexual misconduct, the "Overwatch" team decided to change the cowboy's name to rid the game of the unwanted reminder.

Despite these few mistakes, Blizzard really did erase most mentions of Cole Cassidy's former name. Players have noticed his icons, voice lines, and even sprays have changed, along with the other problems listed in the latest patch notes. Most fans seem to have faith that the developers will erase further references as they find them.