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Dr Disrespect Takes A Bold New Stance On Warzone Aim-Assist

Dr Disrespect has always been very vocal about the use of controllers in "Call of Duty: Warzone." Just last month, his fists went flying at a "Warzone" tournament because of aim-assist knocking him out. Since the release of "Call of Duty: Vanguard," the Doc raised suspicions that aim-assist may be receiving silent updates from the devs to make it even more effective. Now, it seems that the streamer has finally decided that if he can't beat controller players, he might as well join 'em. 


Using a controller when playing "Call of Duty" — rather than a mouse and keyboard — has proven to be a controversial concept since the game first launched, with many feeling that the aim-assist afforded to controller players throws off the entire balance of the battle royale title.

Dr Disrespect, traditionally a keyboard-and-mouse PC player, has ranted about this issue multiple times. However, during a recent stream, the Doc decided to give controllers a go. Before loading into "Call of Duty: Vanguard," he showed off his Xbox controller and told audience, "controller activated today."

He pointed out that he wasn't going to switch it up halfway through the stream, either — he genuinely intended to give the controller a chance. After a bit of messing around with the controls, he figured out the best configuration for him and started to pop off. His reaction was, well, pretty expected considering his previous opinions.


Dr Disrespect's new verdict on controllers

Towards the end of his stream, Dr Disrespect pointed out that the aim-assist in "Vanguard" may be stronger than in any other "Call of Duty" game. There were moments in his stream where he pointed out just how drastic the aim-assist was, and he actually seemed to be enjoying himself at some points.


This wasn't a new suggestion. In fact, Dr Disrespect and NickMercs got into a Twitter feud last month over the issue. When the Doc was ranting about aim assist, fellow "Call of Duty" streamer NickMercs told him to just use a controller if it's that good. TimTheTatman, one of the Doc's streamer friends who makes a regular appearance on the Doc's channel, said pretty much the exact same thing a few months ago.

After assessing the effectiveness of playing "Vanguard" with a controller, Dr Disrespect acknowledged that this might be the way the game is meant to played. He noted that he's one of the few holdouts not using controllers in tournament settings, but that may soon change.