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NickMercs Teases His Apex Legends Pro Future

Back in August, NickMercs announced his exit from "Call of Duty: Warzone," primarily due to the game's massive hacker problem. Since then, the streaming star has fostered his passion for "Apex Legends," even calling himself "f***ing addicted" to the title. After honing his skills and entering an "Apex Legends" Global Series tournament, let fans know he didn't see himself expending the time and energy it takes to go pro, no matter how much he enjoys the title.

Clearly, things have changed quickly for NickMercs, and yet again, the ever-evolving streamer has announced a potential new path for himself and his new go-to game. In his Dec. 7, 2021 video titled "Going Back To Warzone...But There's A Catch," NickMercs teased his fans again with "Apex Legends" pro dreams, as well as his timeline for reaching them. In his words, "I have plans for 'Apex,' you know? Those plans could change, but I have plans. I wanna keep climbing the ranks of Predator and then I wanna get to a point where we're very comfortable ... as a trio before late February, and then I wanna go for 'Apex' pro."

So, why the big move? The way NickMercs sees it, he's got to do what he loves.

NickMercs has big Apex Legends plans

It's no secret NickMercs has been keeping fans on their toes with his big career moves and rapid switches between games. In fact, he actually played "Warzone" in the same stream as his "Apex Legends" announcement, showing he still likes to switch things up.

Anticipating fan reactions, NickMercs clarified that while he was taking some time to revisit "Warzone," it didn't change his "Apex Legends" drive. As he put it, "I don't want anybody to get mad. Listen, I'm not here to disappoint ... at the same time bro, I'm gonna play what I wanna play, you know?"

Though every fan has their own hope for what NickMercs will play, many gamers can probably relate to his point that "you don't have to play one game for the rest of your life." All that being said, many might wonder how solid his "Apex Legends" plans are. It's definitely the path NickMercs is on for now, though he's open to the fact that this could change with time: "That's what I wanna do now, but we might get to January and that might change ... It probably won't, that's really what I wanna do." Although the future is subject to change, for now, all eyes are on NickMercs' climb towards Apex Predator status and beyond.