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The One Game NickMercs Is Addicted To

NickMercs has had his problems with "Call of Duty: Warzone" for some time now. Back in March, he unloaded on "Warzone" developers over what he believed was an abundance of unchecked hackers. It seems as though the problem was not handled to his satisfaction. Five months later, Nickmercs decided to quit "Warzone" for good. Of course, he can't simply walk away from streaming. He has to find something else that fulfills his gaming needs. And what title might that be?

Earlier this month, NickMercs revealed his thoughts on "Apex Legends," telling his fans that it's a worthwhile game. This appears to be his new battle royale of choice, though his enjoyment may go beyond streaming duties. Not only does NickMercs believe "Apex Legends" is very much worth playing, but he appears to have an obsession with the shooter.

He admitted as much in his own words. While streaming "Apex Legends," someone in his chat was worried, asking him how he had the stamina to play so much of it. His response was rather frank: "Because I'm f***ing addicted." He then went on to list off several of his daily activities during which his mind is constantly orbiting around "Apex Legends." If NickMercs finds the game this addicting, does that mean more "Warzone" players will follow his lead?

Is Apex Legends a good substitute for Warzone?

While "Apex Legends" may prove to be a great substitute for NickMercs, not everyone feels the same way. Dr Disrespect also thinks "Warzone" is flawed, and he's been on the hunt for something else to stream. In April, he said he would play more "Apex Legends," but he didn't think it would benefit his streaming stats. Regardless, he decided to give it an honest shot a few months later.

Dr Disrespect returned to "Apex Legends" in July, but he immediately slammed the game, telling his viewers it just wasn't holding his interest. It may not be the right battle royale shooter for The Doc, but that doesn't mean others won't agree with NickMercs' assessment.

In April 2021, a trailer came out suggesting "Apex Legends" would break the battle royale mold with a completely new mode for players to enjoy. Though Season 9 got off to a rough start, it didn't matter because the new mode turned out to be a huge hit, bringing in record-breaking numbers.

Whether you find yourself addicted like NickMercs or you're over the "Apex Legends" craze, it looks as though the future is bright for this battle royale.