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Halo Infinite Glitch Releases Campaign Co-Op Months In Advance

Some "Halo Infinite" players have gotten more than they bargained for (or paid for), thanks to a glitch that allows access to a highly-anticipated game mode that won't be released for months.

"Halo Infinite" campaign co-op is a big deal, so much so that players have been looking forward to the possibility of this feature since 2019, if not before. Even since those early days of "Halo Infinite" development, there were rumors that campaign co-op would be delayed, which proved to be true. After year-long development delays for the game, it was officially announced in August 2021 that "Halo Infinite" would have to launch without either campaign co-op mode or Forge mode, since neither feature was going to be ready in time. In November, 343 Industries clarified that campaign co-op would be delayed until Season 2 of the game launches in May 2022, while Forge mode won't be out until Season 3


In the meantime, YouTuber NobleActual stumbled upon a glitch that unlocks campaign co-op early. Though the six-second video of NobleActual's campaign co-op gameplay may look quite appealing to those waiting patiently for the mode, players should be warned about some major catches to this unorthodox unlock trying it.

Think twice before exploiting this Halo Infinite co-op glitch

In a follow-up tweet to the video of campaign co-op being unlocked, NobleActual shared that the glitch version of campaign co-op is "obviously broken," with everything from a missing second player HUD to inaccessible bases and a nonexistent story. In other words, this mode is still incomplete at this time.


Even worse, it was discovered that trying to get the glitch to trigger can fully wipe a player's save file. As NobleActual reported, "saves refused to load after about 10 hours of trying to reproduce the glitch." The player also said they "would not recommend trying this!" 

For those who are still eager to try any version of "Halo Infinite" campaign co-op, despite these warnings, the instructions for the glitch have been captured in a since-deleted NobleActual tweet (via IGN). Basically, players need to go offline before firing up the second controller. After signing in and getting started with the first controller, players should "hit start and then back." Then, they'll pick up the second controller and "hit start to add the second player to the fireteam."


Though this glimpse at what's to come for "Halo Infinite" campaign co-op is sketchy at best, it's also a good reminder of why going offline can be a pretty big risk in "Halo Infinite."