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Valkyrae Confirms What We Suspected About Pokimane's Real Life Behavior

Valkyrae is respected in the streaming community. She's a co-owner of 100 Thieves, and one of the first women to have ownership of an esports organization. Valkyrae is also a streamer that loves hard. She frequently sings the praises of her friends, and is close enough to her fellow streamers to actually get to know them. She even knows elusive content creators like Corpse Husband enough that she knows their greatest fears. That being said, one of Valkyrae's longest streaming relationships is with another famous name: Pokimane.

Some fans feared the admirable friendship between Pokimane and Valkyrae was over when the two decided to move out of their shared home and get their own apartments early in 2021. That wasn't the case, however, and the pair announced that they'd decided to move from their current home for security reasons and in order to be more independent. Since then, the duo has streamed together more than once, continuing to be two of the most popular women in the industry. 

From tense "Among Us" games to real-life hangouts, Valkyrae and Pokimane are true friends, but what do they have to say about each other when the other isn't there? Valkyrae has opened up about Pokimane on more than one occasion, telling her fans how she really feels about her fellow streamer and confirming what she's like as a friend in real life.

Sisters and best friends

When a fan pressed Valkyrae on her feelings about Pokimane on stream, Rae feigned disapproval, frowning and looking offended before saying, "I love her with my whole heart and soul." Valkyrae called her friend "incredibly smart, incredibly beautiful, a businesswoman," praising Pokimane for being a "pioneer" in streaming.

Some viewers pointed out that the two were compatible astrologically, and Valkyrae added that Pokimane is a Taurus, just like her sister. "When I think of Poki, I do think of her as, like, a little sister. I love her," Valkyrae enthused. "I have some really good friends ... they give me hope for this world." Of course, Valkyrae is likely talking about her entire group of friends, which includes Sykkuno and Corpse Husband as well, but her relationship with Pokimane is special, more of a family bond than a simple friendship.

Just from Valkyrae's short time discussing Pokimane, it's clear that she thinks her friend is one of the best women in gaming and absolutely deserves all of the success she's received. Sadly, that doesn't mean that Poki has always been a picture-perfect friend.

Pokimane wasn't there for Rae during the RFLCT drama

Valkyrae's adult life has largely been a success story but she went through one of the most difficult times in her life when a series of wrong steps resulted in fans saying RIP to her skincare brand, RFLCT. The brand was originally intended to protect gamers' skin from harmful blue lights emitted from computers, televisions, and phones, but many were quick to point out that there was little research to back up the brand's claims. While Valkyrae believed that the hate for RFLCT was warranted, she still expected her friends to support her during one of her most difficult times. Unfortunately, that's not exactly what happened, according to Rae.

While she didn't directly accuse Pokimane of anything specific, Valkyrae didn't have kind words to say about how her friend reacted to the RFLCT drama. "Did Poki reach out to you?" Valkyrae asked, reading a fan question. "Um, it was interesting seeing which friends reached out to me when. A lot of the friends reached out after I posted the voice memo on Twitter, and then also a lot of friends reached out when I said I was going to be talking about friends and social media." In other words, it's possible that Pokimane didn't react to Valkyrae in a timely manner. Valkyrae didn't mention Pokimane specifically, but the mention of her name did prompt the streamer to talk about those that were less than supportive during her struggles.

The shade definitely caught Pokimane's attention though, and she said she reached out to Rae twice during the RFLCT drama. Even though Pokimane said she did her best to support her friend, she encouraged Valkyrae to reach out to her and discuss any issues they had in their personal relationship.