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Dr Disrespect's New Year's Resolutions Are Turning Heads

The start of a new year means that plenty of people are setting up new goals, including some of the biggest streamers in the biz. However, one creator's resolutions seems to include something that most people probably don't put on their list: revenge. 

To ring in the new year, Dr Disrespect tweeted an image of himself in a meeting, showing off his "2022 resolutions" in the form of a powerpoint presentation. The list includes raising $100 million for Midnight Society, the game studio Dr Disrespect founded in 2021. The list also includes starting a bourbon business, dropping a full album, and "Doc-Con '22," presumably a Dr Disrespect-focused convention. The final item on the list, however, is the one that has people riled up.

Dr Disrespect's 2022 resolutions conclude with the words "Unbanned and Massive Payment" in bold purple text. Everything else on the list is in white text, making it seem even more likely that the final item is clearly a dig at Twitch. It feels like a lifetime ago when Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch in June 2020. Dr Disrespect has hinted at the reasons for the ban and mentioned the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Twitch, and this resolution would seem to imply he's ready to move forward on those plans. Of course, it's hard to tell if this image should be taken seriously.

Is Dr Disrespect serious about going after Twitch?

The Doc discussed suing Twitch as recently as August 2021, but it's hard to tell where the bit ends and reality begins when it comes to the Two-Time Champion. Looking at the rest of the list, they seem to line up with interests Doc has shared with fans in the past. The bourbon company seems to have come as a surprise, but a few other content creators have shared their excitement about Dr Disrespect starting a one up, so the demand is already there.

The music album and convention goals both seem like obvious ways to build on the hype surrounding Doc's return to streaming and the positive responses to his last few original songs and music videos. As for Doc's plans for Twitch, only time will tell. 

Some fans have pointed out that the Doc may just be happy being able to play with his remaining pals on Twitch once more. Dr Disrespect has built an audience on YouTube and some of his streamer pals like TimTheTatMan have signed exclusively with YouTube, but being unbanned would allow the Doc to move between YouTube and Twitch — as long as he doesn't sign an exclusivity agreement. Either way, 2022 is getting off to an exciting start for Dr Disrespect and his many business ventures.