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Valkyrae's 2022 Plans Raise More Questions Than Answers

Valkyrae's road from GameStop employee to the queen of gaming hasn't always been a straight one. Her astrological rise to fame began with posting gaming related content to Instagram where she built a large following that eventually transitioned to her streaming career. Not one to sit on her laurels however, Valkyrae has continued to diversify her portfolio. She's built a substantial YouTube channel with over 3.5 million followers, collaborated with other streamers, started her own line of streetwear, and became a co-owner of 100 Thieves after being the first woman to join their ranks. She also launched a skincare line called RFLCT which was designed to protect skin against the effect of blue light from screens, although this sparked a fair amount of controversy. Critics were quick to point out that there is little information to support the idea that blue light is harmful to skin. Even Valkyrae herself has come out stating that the RFLCT hate is warranted as the website failed to link studies or lab data. The scandal did some damage to her image, but she has since separated herself from the brand and gotten back to streaming.


Now it seems that she's going to flip her game again. Valkyrae has announced that she is about to begin creating her own music.

Valkyrae has a new song in the works

The streamer is no stranger to the music industry at this point. She's made appearances in music videos for Corpse Husband and Bella Poarch, which may have led to her decision to break into the industry herself. She announced on her YouTube live stream that she's currently in the planning phase of making a new song. "I have been talking to Brodin and Wendy about making a song," she stated, referring to OfflineTV's in-house producer Brodin Plett and fellow streamer Wendy "Natsumiii" Luo. "We're going to probably start working on that. For funsies – probably not anything too crazy, but an original – I think – would be kind of fun to try."


While it sounds like this is more of a fun side project than a serious endeavor to start a career in music, it has many fans wondering just what kind of song they are planning to make. Will they stick to their plan to write an original song or will they fall back on a cover? What genre of music does she want to sing? Will they be relying on the streamer's natural vocal talent, or will her singing be digitally altered? Will any of her friends join her on the track?

No answers are available as of yet, but her fans are eager to hear what Rae has in store.