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Dr Disrespect Makes Bold Claim About Microsoft's Mixer Shutdown

Despite receiving a ban from Twitch in 2020 for unknown reasons, Dr Disrespect has remained among the most popular video game streamers out there. Doc has more or less rebounded post-Twitch, generating thousands of viewers per stream. On top of that, since Doc's arrival, YouTube's streaming platform has shown to have distinct advantages over the rival Twitch, such as more fairly compensating its streamers. This last fact has led some of Doc's buddies, including TimTheTatman, to join him over on YouTube.


But before YouTube became a more legitimate player in the streaming world, there was also Mixer. Founded as Beam in 2016, Microsoft soon purchased Mixer, rebranded it, and integrated it with the Xbox One. Known for its low latency and interactivity, not to mention functioning as a true alternative to Twitch, Mixer was able to attract some huge names in the streaming space, such as Ninja and Shroud. The Microsoft-owned platform offered its exclusive streamers big-money contracts and seemed poised to overtake Twitch's stranglehold on the market.

Unfortunately, Mixer eventually failed, and once Microsoft closed the service, the streamers who called it home relocated to other platforms. But recently, Doc has made some bold comments as to what could've saved the fledgling streaming platform from its untimely demise.


Dr. DisRespect claims that Mixer would've been saved had he joined the platform

During a recent stream on YouTube, Dr Disrespect was speaking to his chat and when the subject of Mixer's failure came up. "How did Mixer go down?" the infamous streamer wondered. "They were literally... like Twitch, [they] were the same thing. And they got Shroud and Ninja [to go] over there." Doc then alluded to the platform offering him a deal to ditch Twitch at the time, but claimed that the deal wasn't lucrative enough. However, he said, Mixer "almost got [him]" to switch sides.


The Doc then went on to claim that he and his fanbase could have changed Mixer's fate. "I'm going to make a statement," said Dr Disrespect. "If we went over to Mixer, champs ... Mixer would still be around."

Of course, such dramatic claims are very much in line with Dr Disrespect's online persona, but there could be a little bit of truth mixed in. Mixer pulling a raid and bringing over Ninja and Shroud definitely helped it gain some initial popularity. Gaining the Doc could have given the platform a much-needed boost of momentum, but the world will never know for sure.