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Amouranth Roasts Dr Disrespect And Jake Paul's Music Careers

Amouranth has continued looking ahead in her music career ever since she dropped her first music video, "Down Bad." She already shared some behind-the-scenes thoughts about "Down Bad" and her intentions of recording an entire rap album. Now, in her recent react video, she's taken another step forward by ranking other streamers and influencers in a rap tier list.


Amouranth gave fans insight into what music she preferred, starting with Pewdiepie's "B**** Lasagna." She honed in on his video's cinematography and audibly cheered when he dropped "Yu-Gi-Oh" references in one of his early verses. Needless to say, it was an easy "S" for her, though she moved him down later because of the fierce competition. 

In the end, Amouranth kept three S-tier songs with a bonus outlier: Ryan Higa's parody rap, "Nice Guys"; LilyPichu's song, "Dreamy Night"; and Pokelawl's "Built Differently" made it into the top tier. In fact, "Nice Guys" was so good it pushed Pewdiepie and Logan Paul's songs into A and B-tier, respectively. 

However, tier lists mean one unfortunate thing: someone has to be at the bottom. Amouranth ranked Dr Disrespect and Jake Paul at floor-level, and gave her unfiltered thoughts about how their songs stacked up next to the rest.


What Amouranth had to say about Dr Disrespect and Jake Paul's songs

Amouranth gave the benefit of the doubt to many of these songs, especially for the ones she hadn't listened to before. In fact, she nodded along with Jake Paul's video until she realized that it seemed to be more of a car show than a rap video. She also wasn't a fan of his flow.


"I'm not feeling this one. Too predictable," she said. "Just flexing materialistic items. Come on, use a little creativity." Interestingly enough, Amouranth rated Logan Paul much higher and even called his song "GOATED" in comparison. She praised the general composition and creative lyrics he used to diss his brother, which impressed her right away.

She was more forgiving with DrDisrespect's song, "Alleyways." Amouranth praised the objective quality of the song, though she admitted it was something she probably wouldn't listen to "like ever again."

"It's just not my cup of tea personally," she said, taking care to explain that she didn't mean any disrespect by it. She edited in a caption that said she was "genuinely floored by this choice" to rank Doc at C-tier.