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Shaggy's Latest Game Debut Proves He's The Ultimate Fighter

As gamers wait for the day when they can finally pit Shaggy against Batman in an upcoming Warner Bros. fighting game called "MultiVersus," modders are still finding ways to insert their favorite "Scooby-Doo" detective into other titles. Now, some savvy gamers can bring Shaggy Rogers to a completely unexpected kung fu title: "Sifu."

"Sifu" caused a stir of its own based on its difficulty. Half of its players can't finish the second level, and while the game purports to be about 10 hours long, its true ending requires much more time and dedication to complete. "Sifu" is a punishing indie brawler that received an unusual amount of critical attention from the gaming community, but it might not seem like a logical fit for Shaggy to make yet another gaming debut. After all, is Shaggy a kung fu master? What kind of grudge would he have against the Yang's murderous gang in "Sifu?" It turns out that none of those questions really matter, as sometimes gamers just want to have fun.

Players can always count on the modding community to spice up seemingly normal titles. For example, Lady Dimitrescu from "Resident Evil 8" made several games better by appearing in them (with modders' help, of course). There's something enjoyable about seeing a character where they're not supposed to be, and a new workaround from Nexus Mods' Claymaverallows players to bring the goofy, lanky Shaggy into the brutal kung fu revenge tale of "Sifu," adding some levity to the decidedly serious game. For those that don't know, there's actually a fairly rich history of bringing Shaggy into games where he doesn't belong.

Why do fans want Shaggy in so many games?

When Shaggy appeared in a "Mortal Kombat" animated film, glowing with an otherworldly fire, and grabbed Scorpion in a grapple, fans around the world cheered. His official franchise debut was the culmination of many jokes, mockups, and fan theories. In other words, it just made sense to make a meme come to life in order to please fans around the world.

Gamers began wondering what Shaggy might look like as a "Mortal Kombat" fighter a few years ago, but NetherRealm ultimately sealed Shaggy's fate, noting that Shaggy could never actually appear as a playable character in the series. That didn't stop fans from putting the mop-headed detective into a multitude of titles, including "Jump Force." Other mods helped Shaggy make some great games even better by throwing him into the action of titles like "Resident Evil 2" and "Left 4 Dead 2." The juxtaposition of Shaggy in these traditionally serious games is funny, and gamers are definitely in on the joke.

Fans seemed particularly transfixed on Shaggy appearing in fighting games, though, as his tall, lithe form lends itself well to all the ducking and weaving necessary for good combat. It would be difficult to imagine a more perfect game for Shaggy to crash than "Sifu," as it takes all the skilled fighting Shaggy is known for in the fandom community and channels it into a dark tale of revenge.

Shaggy seeks revenge in Sifu

Claymaver's Shaggy mod is a custom rendering of the Mystery Incorporated hero, made to specifically fit with the aesthetics of "Sifu." While Shaggy's face still appears round and goofy, his body closely mimics the movements of the original protagonist, expertly dodging and blocking attacks.

One gamer shared a video of Claymaver's mod in action, uploading a clip of an impressive pacifist run of the first boss in "Sifu." While some of the logistics of the mod aren't clear (like how Shaggy might age with the death mechanic in "Sifu"), hardcore fans are excited to see Shaggy go Ultra Instinct in an entirely different sort of game.

Gamers are enjoying playing through "Sifu" as Shaggy, and one even considered how playing as the iconic cartoon character changes the nature of the game itself. Ryan Nehse tweeted, "This is the story of Shaggy trying to be more brave, or Yang murdered the Scooby gang, hence revenge. Either or, it's so awesome to beat the crap out of people playing as him." While the Shaggy mod doesn't actually change the game's story, Shaggy's path for revenge does raise questions of where the rest of his gang might be.

Claymaver's Shaggy mod is just one of the alterations fan creators have released for "Sifu" so far, but it might be the one garnering the most attention from fans of both Shaggy and fighting games. The Nexus Mods listing for the project states that Claymaver will continue to update the file, ironing out a few clipping problems in the future. For now, gamers can transform into their favorite gangly hero and kick a few butts Pak Mei style.