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The Real Reason Emiru's Scared Of IRL Streams

Emiru is a "League of Legends" player, streamer, and cosplayer who blew up in 2021Fans were over the moon when she announced her new partnership with OTK last month, but the move also triggered a few questions from fans about new content, including potential IRL (in real life) streams she could do with Mizkif and the rest of the gang. However, her response may be a bit heartbreaking for fans who were hoping to see her participate in those types of streams. As it turns out, Emiru has a very good reason why she wants to avoid IRL streaming.


In a recent stream, Emiru's chat told her they thought it would be cool for the OTK gang to go rollerskating in an IRL stream on her channel. Emi loved the idea, but said that she wasn't too comfortable doing it.

She explained that she has an "irrational fear" of stream snipers due to previous problems. Before Emiru joined OTK, she moved into a house with Mizkif, Simply, and more, apparently because she was dealing with a stalker in her Kansas home. She hasn't spoken too much about the situation besides calling her previous home "not safe," but Mizkif and fellow streamer QTCinderella have also notably discussed the stalker during an on-camera conversation.

While Emiru hasn't done an IRL stream on her own channel yet — and probably won't for the foreseeable future — she was part of an OTK livestream for her birthday.


Emiru's previous IRL stream

When talking about her fear of IRL streams, Emiru noted that she was in OTK's IRL stream for her birthday back in January, but the experience was a bit scary for her. She explained that she felt anxious for a lot of it and that the bodyguards they hired didn't make her feel much safer. Emiru told viewers that she doesn't think she's in immediate danger, but it's still enough to keep her away from IRL streams in most cases.


While she called her fears "irrational," they're not unfounded. Streamers like Valkyrae and Amouranth have both had some scary run-ins with stalkers who follow their online lives.

Emiru ultimately said that she felt much more comfortable living with people because of the situation back in Kansas, and that she would be interested in maybe returning to IRL content at some point in the future. For the time being, it's just not something that makes her comfortable. After all, it's only been a few months since Emiru got out of her last living situation.