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The Real Reason xQc Shut Down A $1.2 Million Deal

The NFT craze has split the internet for months now, with proponents on both sides of the divide. Companies like Ubisoft and Konami have taken the stance to embrace them, and even GameStop was looking to jump into the trend. Now, one company decided to try and bring xQc on board with an insane $1.2 million offer — which he turned down.

In a recent Twitch stream, xQc revealed that he was offered $1.2 million to promote an NFT company. The undisclosed company asked that he have a specific overlay for his stream, visit the website for five minutes, shout out the company, and tweet about the company three times. While xQc has had his shady moments in the past, he was quick to turn the company down. In fact, he said that "it was even more fun to tell them no."

As one of Twitch's most popular streamers — and one of the channels that was revealed to make the most money in 2021 — xQc could've been an advertising powerhouse for the unnamed company. However, he took his own stance on the NFT dilemma by turning down the offer, and other streamers have similarly come out against the digital tokens.

Streamers who have spoken out against NFTs

While xQc made it clear how he felt about promoting NFTs when he described turning them down as "fun," other streamers have also spoken about the issue. Pokimane, another massively popular Twitch streamer, took to Twitter in January to denounce the problematic digital art and the people who promote it, writing, "nothing makes me cringe more than seeing celebrities/influencers promoting NFTs knowing ... they have no clue what they're talkin abt."

While there were plenty of people to argue the statement, including YouTuber David Choi who frequently promotes NFTs, Pokimane expanded on her statement by saying that the problem is people who promote NFTs that do it for "the bag" and know nothing about technology. Ludwig, another big-name streamer, also spoke out against shady NFT tactics after threatening to sue one project for using his likeness in an NFT without permission. Both Pokimane and xQc were also used in the dismantled NFT project.

As a whole, the internet hasn't responded well to NFTs, and streamers have been mirroring those responses with their own. As more companies decide to utilize the problematic yet lucrative digital tokens, NFTs could become more commonly seen in the industry.