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xQc Is Finally Putting His Spin On This Popular Twitch Trend

Streamer Ludwig Ahgren broke Ninja's all-time record as the most subbed streamer on Twitch last year with his non-stop "subathon." The event lasted an incredible 31 days as Ludwig lived, ate, gamed, and slept on camera. He then paid his mods a staggering amount of money for keeping his chat clean throughout the ordeal before returning to his regular broadcast schedule.

Not one to miss an opportunity, fellow streamer xQc discussed a plan on stream to run his own subathon. He wanted to wait until about a month and a half after Ludwig finished his own run to let the Prime subs reset before making a play for the crown. This didn't happen, however, and xQc went quiet about the topic for a long time.

Months later, xQC mentioned a two-month long subathon during another stream, explaining that he had moved houses three times since he came up with the plan and would be moving again soon (most likely due to allegedly being doxed and raided by the police on a near daily basis). Due to this, he claimed there hadn't been a feasible occasion to commit to the subathon. Many had given up on the prospect of the 60-day streaming extravaganza ever happening, but now it seems xQc is finally ready to challenge Ludwig's record.

xQc's subathon plan is in motion

xQc brought up the subathon again on March 21, 2022 in a live stream, stating that he is upgrading the hard cap to 90 days and that the plan is now in motion. "I'm actually very excited to tell you that I'm pulling the trigger," he stated. "I'm just quitting stuff and I'm starting to buy stuff for it." When a fan watching his stream asked when the subathon would happen, xQc responded, "it's kind of up to organizers cause there's a lot of stuff to do."

He then stated that he wanted to make sure that there was plenty of content to fill the period so that it wouldn't just be him endlessly playing games by himself. He explained that in addition to smaller daily events, he wants to run 2-3 big events each week. "Stuff like having community server for, like, "Minecraft," "GTA," "Rust" ... Community stuff, probably, like sub games, mod games, sub contests, giveaways, viewers fighting for money. Stuff like that." He also referenced making mini tournaments with prize pools and "bigger than the community type of events," implying that several other content creators may be involved.

It remains unclear when xQc's subathon will actually take place, but it sounds like the wait is almost over.