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Pokimane Slams Twitch's Hottest Trend

Pokimane is always one to speak her mind, whether people agree with her or not. This year has been off to a controversial start for the streamer through no fault of her own – aside from a ban she believes was fair. When streamer JiDion targeted Pokimane in Jan. 2022 with a misogynistic hate raid, she revealed that if it wasn't for the rise of more diverse and more women creators and fans on Twitch, this would've been her last year. The two have since made peace, which still leaves Pokimane with outstanding problems with Ninja and Jessica Blevins.

Despite the drama, Pokimane has officially extended her Twitch contract so she can continue her streaming success. And as always, she'll continue sharing her true opinions with her viewers. This time, Pokimane had some strong words on the subject of a rising Twitch trend she finds to be absurd.

During her March 23, 2022 stream, Pokimane reacted to a Sykkuno video where the fellow streamer spoke out against subathons. She got a kick out of his thoughts on the subject and added in her own opinions, even calling the popular promotion tactic "a little unethical."

Pokimane Thinks Subathons are Unhealthy

So, why doesn't Pokimane like subathons? In her words, she's "always a little iffy about subathons for a myriad of reasons," including points she cited from Sykkuno about streamers who will act like they're live, "but really [they're] sleeping and doing other things and just pretending to do a subathon in a sense." Though she mentioned that people may still have fun in the chat and that it comes down to the subs "paying for what they get," she personally doesn't see the entertainment value.

In addition to her ethical concerns, Pokimane emphasized the fact that "there is no way subathons are healthy for a human being to do." She regrets that viewers are "incentivising it with hundreds of thousands of dollars, major clout, followers, attention."

Responding to a chat on the topic, Pokimane spoke against the idea of "suffer for my pleasure." Though she sees how "a little bit of that is OK," she also believes "the line kind of needs to be drawn at some point, and I don't really think we draw it at a good point." She's concerned that this conversation isn't happening in gaming, and that it won't be "cool to talk about until like 20 years from now when we have actual data regarding the implications of that kind of behavior."

Knowing Pokimane's real opinion on subathons begs the question – could she be referring to anyone specific, perhaps month-long subathon host Ludwig? In fact, she commented that he "did it best" thanks to a "massive support system" and "very specific daily habits." Pokimane's opinions might ruffle a few feathers, but the streamer will surely let any drama fade and focus on positive opinions like those from her new secret Twitter group.