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Why Pokimane's Will Smith Clip Is Confusing Fans

It seems like everyone is talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. The incident has sparked heated debate across the internet as to whether or not Smith was justified in his actions after Rock made a joke referencing Smith's wife and fellow actor, Jada Pinkett Smith. A one-minute, uncensored recording of the event just dethroned MrBeast's record for the most viewed non-music clip in 24 hours on YouTube. The moment even wreaked havoc on the Twitter mentions of a game developer who had nothing to do with it aside from also being named Will Smith. 

Like with all controversies, several celebrities and internet personalities have leapt at the chance to give their opinion. One streamer seemed to have trouble sharing her thoughts on the topic, however. Imane "Pokimane" Anys posted a reaction video of her watching the slap on YouTube only for it to be flagged as being unfriendly toward advertisers, removing her ability to monetize it. This confused fans as several other content creators had posted their own reaction videos featuring the slap without any apparent problems.

YouTube reportedly flagged Pokimane's video for unknown reasons

Plenty of celebrities have offered their two cents on "the slap." Actors like Mark Hamill and Jim Carey have both shared their thoughts with their fans. On YouTube, many streamers such as Summit1g and xQc posted reaction videos in which they viewed the infamous altercation and also gave their initial views on how they felt about it. Each of these videos includes the actual footage of Smith striking Rock, so it's strange that Pokimane's was the only one that seems to have been flagged.

Her initial tweet (which has since been deleted) allegedly stated, "My video was flagged as non-advertiser friendly, even though there's lots of videos with millions of views that talk about this topic with ads. Anyone have any idea why?" and included a screenshot of the email she'd received from YouTube (via Dexerto). Some of her fans suggested that this happened because the actual slap was shown in the first few seconds of the video, but Pokimane responded that several other videos have done this as well.

It's unclear why Pokimane removed the initial Tweet or whether the issue was eventually resolved. Her video remains live for those who wish to see it, however.