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Corpse Husband Fans Are Going Wild Over Single Announcement

Nearly everything about the content creator Corpse Husband is shrouded in mystery. The faceless streamer got his start on Twitch and YouTube, where he built a respectable following by streaming games like "Among Us" with other popular streamers, but has recently exploded with the popularity of his music. The song, "E-Girls are Ruining my Life" went viral on TikTok last year as countless creators made videos set to the song and the full version on YouTube now has over 50 million views. He eventually ended up teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly to make the song "Daywalker," where his part in the video was played by his friend and fellow streamer Valkyrae.

Recently, fans have been noticing that Corpse Husband hasn't been streaming as much, and while Valkyrae explained that he isn't all that interested in many of the games that are currently popular, she also claimed that he's been "busy working." The enigmatic performer has always been secretive about his projects, so fans have been eager to discover what he'll have up his sleeve next. Now, it seems fans finally know what it is that has kept him so busy. Corpse Husband recently sent out a tweet with a clip from his new song "Poltergeist" and the announcement that the single will be available this Friday.

Fans are ecstatic for Poltergeist

Several big streamers expressed their enthusiasm for the big release. Valkyrae commented "Friday!" 100 Thieves streamer TinaKitten wrote, "okay whatever you say Corpse," seemingly teasing the streamer for keeping his fans in limbo for so long between song releases. Karl Jacobs replied, "my favorite Corpse song is finally coming out," to which Corpse Husband responded that he was "excited to finally drop some of them," implying that more songs may be on the way as well.

"Poltergeist" seems to follow many of the patterns Corpse Husband has established in some of his earlier music. His deep voice is set to dark beats that seem to have both industrial and hip-hop influences. The clip opens with the words "looking like you seen a ghost. Moving like a poltergeist." The lyrics in this particular song seem more personal than in his past projects, however. His previous music has made several references to anime and pop culture, while this new song seems to be more referential to his own life, even mentioning how the performer dropped out of school in the seventh grade.

Fans who wish to hear Corpse's new song as soon as it drops on Friday can already pre-save it on Apple Music and Spotify.