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How Amouranth's Stream Was Interrupted By A Tiny Rabbit

Almost anyone familiar with the world of streaming is likely aware that Amouranth's Twitch channel can get pretty wild. From putting viewers' names on plastic balls as a way of establishing a new meta to flexing her latest business ventures, Amouranth has consistently found ways to make her streams more engaging for fans and casual viewers. It almost seems like anything could happen while she's broadcasting. Amouranth has continued to shine and rake in huge viewership numbers and profits, revealing last year that she brings in over one million dollars each month.


Outside of her unusual streaming trends, Amouranth also provides more "traditional" forms of live broadcasting, including ASMR streams. These types of streams are a bit more straightforward and involve making sounds to satisfy certain sensory responses from viewers. However, things came screeching to a halt during one such recent stream. But this wasn't due to an unforeseen technical hiccup or yet another overzealous fan taking things way too far. Instead, Amouranth had to drop everything she was doing and rescue a helpless tiny rabbit.

The bunny that ended Amouranth's stream

After abruptly ending her April 7 ASMR stream, Amouranth quickly took to her personal Twitter account to alert fans of the events that led to her fleeing the scene. Apparently, Bear — Amouranth's loving and excitable dog — had captured an unsuspecting wild baby bunny and brought it into the house. Once she recognized the situation and the danger, she shut everything down to go pull the rabbit from Bear's jaws. Despite the attack, Amouranth told fans that the rabbit was still alive and well, but that she'd be making sure to get him some help from professionals. 


"If he survives the night he'll go to nearby vet in AM & get the best care money can buy," Amouranth assured her viewers in her tweet about the incident. In the meantime, she made sure the rabbit was kept comfortable, warm, and fed.

Four days later, Amouranth provided another update and thankfully, it seems that the tiny rabbit's recovery has gone well. What Amouranth plans to do with the bunny now that it's been nursed back to health and eating its regular diet isn't exactly clear. But whether she keeps it or releases it back into the wild, there is at least one more cute bunny still hopping around in the world.