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The Real Reason Amouranth Is Furious With Instagram

Kaitlin "Amouranth" Siragusa is no stranger to controversy. The Twitch streamer has built an extremely profitable media empire off of her content, but there is a shady side to her success. She has pushed the boundaries of what's considered acceptable under Twitch's terms and conditions with things like hot tub streams and ASMR streams. Even so, many of her fans like her content for exactly this reason. Amouranth regularly tests the boundaries of what is and isn't considered acceptable by these massive platforms. She has had her account suspended numerous times for a number of different reasons and was even banned two separate times last year. The first time, she was simply banned from Twitch for some of her ASMR content. The second time she was banned from Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok simultaneously with seemingly no reason given at the time. While she regained access to some platforms, Instagram refused to reinstate Amouranth's account

So, with her Instagram shut down, it was obviously upsetting for her to discover a fake Instagram account posting copies of her photos with links to other fake accounts set up in her name — but what's even more upsetting is that Instagram allegedly refused to take the fake account down.

Fake accounts filled the void left by Amouranth

Amouranth recently sent out a tweet that featured a screenshot of the offending Instagram account which was titled "amouranth_official." The account had 117 thousand followers and included several risque photos of the streamer. She stated in the tweet, "[not sure why] @instagram [banned my Amouranth] Instagram account, then literally allows an account that copied all my main Instagram's content [while running a romance scam. All while refusing to ban this fake account.]"

She then went on to explain in the subsequent thread that her main account had similar photos, which were banned for nudity, pointing out the failure on Instagram's part not only to remove counterfeit accounts, but also to fairly execute its bans to the same standards. This account is far from the only one, too. A quick search reveals dozens of fake accounts using the streamer's name and likeness.

Amouranth explained that there was an obvious incentive for scammers to fill the vacuum left by her absence on the platform. "This account is [literally pretending to be me] and scamming people to the tune of .. thousands of dollars [and Instagram keeps declining to act on my report]," she said. Amouranth seems to believe that these accounts aren't being recognized as counterfeit since the original account is no longer active. Supposedly, the security can't recognize whose identity is being stolen without the original account to compare the fakes to. If so, this is a glaring hole in the company's security — one that should be addressed immediately.