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This Hilarious Elden Ring Player Hates What You're Wearing

If there's one thing that's important in "Elden Ring," it's fashion. Sure, there's lore, combat, adventure, and endless other aspects to explore in the Lands Between. Maybe fashion isn't exactly what "Elden Ring" is all about, but a certain player has one thing on their mind: the outfits other characters are wearing.

All jokes aside, a player's equipment really makes a difference in "Elden Ring." Armor is directly tied to stat boosts, so it's a big, strategic decision when crafting your signature look. Some players reject clothing altogether, like one individual who found that battling in the buff is a viable strategy. Others manage to put together fierce builds, such as this impressive mech suit that has blown the mind of many an "Elden Ring" fan. The game has even inspired fantastic real-life armor recreations.

Of course, not everyone was made for the glamor and glitz of the runway ... even if that runway is a war torn fantasy world filled with bloodthirsty foes. That's where the Fashion Police comes in. No, that isn't a reference to the popular E! talk show. The Fashion Police is a specific "Elden Ring" player who has taken it upon themselves to make style a top priority.

The Fashion Police is judging your Elden Ring look

As reported by Redditor Moonpapa333, there's at least one "Elden Ring" player keeping a keen eye on other players' outfits. It's good, honest work, and someone has to do it. "I got invaded by the fashion police. He did a full 360 around me pulling his telescope out. Afterwards he bowed and returned to his world," they wrote.

In the comments, other players shared their experiences with these uniquely posh invasions. One said, "A few weeks ago I had someone do this to me and my brother. He called me beautiful, punched my bro and then severed finger out of there. I laughed pretty damn hard." Some gamers thought the original poster got off too easy with the Fashion Police, like one who wrote, "Dunno man, I would've given you a ticket."

Redditor Vessix claimed they could have been the person who visited the aforementioned player and their brother: "Might have been me, been doing it regularly as 'drip inspector.' Sounds almost exactly like most of my group encounters. Someone is always dressed ugly for performance over form." They also added that they often make use of the Starlight Spell to get a better look at their "subjects of discretion."

From now on, "Elden Ring" players might think about their armor a little differently, as they too could earn the admiration (or ire) of the Fashion Police.