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Asmongold Reverses Course On Retirement Talk

With the announcement of "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight," streamer Asmongold is anticipating years of new content for his favorite MMO. And fans are enthusiastic, as they are always happy to hear his opinions on upcoming expansions and look forward to his first impressions. However, Asmongold is an elusive creator. He isn't crazy about set schedules or anything involving mandatory attendance. For example, the streamer famously quit his job at Sam's Club shortly after orientation, clocking in for only three shifts. And, to many fans' disappointment, Asmongold's elusive nature has seemingly affected his streaming future.

On multiple occasions, Asmongold has taken extended breaks from streaming, leaving fans in limbo, wondering when or if he would return. More recently, Asmongold explained that if he takes another break from streaming, he will likely not return. This unsurprisingly left many viewers worried about Asmongold's plans. 

Luckily for those viewers, Asmongold has since backtracked a little bit and given more details about his plans.

Asmongold isn't going anywhere

During an April 23 "Just Chatting" livestream, Asmongold shared his thoughts on an article posted to his subreddit, which discussed the possibility of him quitting streaming. His initial reaction to the post was, "I don't know if I will ever completely stop... I don't like writing blank checks." Asmongold continued, "Do I ever see myself not making content? Not really, like, in one way or another." He followed up this sentiment by explaining to his viewers that there are other ways to create content besides daily livestreaming. For example, Asmongold explained that he could potentially shift his focus to his duties with the One True King gaming org, or else go back to regularly making videos for YouTube.

Additionally, Asmongold explained why he never wants to retire from being a content creator of some kind. He stated, "I've always created something, like whenever I was a kid, I would draw comics... I started creating things as soon as I could, so like, the way that I find meaning in life ... is by creating something that is an expression of that meaning." 

After a brief pause to collect his thoughts, Asmongold concluded, "[Creating content] is something I've always done, and I think in one way or another it's always going to happen." Whether Asmongold will continue to stream on Twitch for the rest of his career or takes a different approach to entertainment is uncertain. However, fans can be sure that even if he stops broadcasting on Twitch, it won't be the last the internet sees of him.