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Pokimane Calls Out YouTube's Biggest Shortcoming

Following Sykkuno's announcement that the popular streamer would be moving to YouTube Gaming — after previously hinting at the transition to fans during a heartfelt stream – iconic Twitch personality Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has shared her thoughts on the decision. Though earlier this year some fans thought Pokimane might leave Twitch when her contract was set to expire, the streamer ultimately decided to stay with the platform. Now it seems Pokimane is doubling down on the Twitch support, suggesting that Sykkuno's move might not have been the best one to make at this time.

Pokimane isn't chastising or demeaning Sykkuno but the colossal streamer also isn't holding back any opinions about the differences between YouTube Gaming and Twitch. While Sykkuno has previously gone on record saying he doesn't want fans subscribing to him, the streamer might want those additional supporters if Pokimane's insights hold water. Namely, Pokimane doesn't think YouTube's platform offers enough organic discoverability for those who aren't bringing an already enormous following with them.

While Sykkuno's rapid success and perseverance overcoming several tragic details may have forged the former Twitch personality into the right person to break the common bonds of YouTube Gaming, there's certainly value in the advice of a streamer as popular and successful as Pokimane. Here's what Pokimane had to say about Sykkuno's move to YouTube.

Pokimane thinks Twitch is better for growing streamers

Speaking to followers in a Just Chatting room on Twitch, Pokimane highlighted the major differences between streaming on Twitch and YouTube. Namely, she focused on the challenges streamers face on one platform versus another and how easy it is for new viewers to discover the personality.

Pokimane said, "Streaming on YouTube ... is very different from Twitch because you are a little bit more on an island. It's exactly like that. There's not very clear discoverability." She continued, "When I see a large content creator stream on YouTube, I'm like, 'That's fine,' but I don't think I will be impressed until I see an ecosystem of live streaming on YouTube. Twitch has the ecosystem. Twitch has the culture. Twitch has the community." Summing up her thoughts and relating the conversation back to streamer success, Pokimane concluded, "I don't think it's bad but you need a pre-existing audience and I also haven't really seen anyone pop-off on YouTube."

While Pokimane doesn't think YouTube is worthwhile for those who aren't heading to the platform with droves of followers, only time will tell whether Sykkuno made the right decision.