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The Upsetting Reason Why QTCinderella's Big Event Series Was Cancelled

The enterprising streamer QTCinderella has had to make an unfortunate announcement regarding a large streaming event she had been planning. The event in question was called Girls Trip and it would have seen QTCinderella team up with some of the top women in streaming. JustaMinx, Maya Higa, LilyPichu, the Botez Sisters, and more were all scheduled to participate in the event over the course of three days. 

A very successful streamer in her own right with more than 725,000 subscribers, QTCinderella has been pushing more and more lately to create some large events to simultaneously deliver collaborative content to fans and highlight streamers. Recently, she started the Streamer Awards in an effort to recognize the work that streamers put into their careers and the show was a large success in terms of viewers. However, it may not have felt like a win, due to dramatic responses from fans leading to QTCinderella going private on social media. Likely hoping for another score of viewers with significantly less drama, the Girls Trip event was planned, but ultimately canceled due to circumstances outside of anyone's control.

Covid-19 stops Girls Trip before it can begin

In a recent tweet that was undoubtedly hard to deliver to fans, QTCinderella said, "I've got the worst news ever – One of the girls tested positive for covid this morning (despite testing negative yesterday). The rest of us tested negative. To be responsible we're canceling the rest of the trip and everyone will be isolating. I'm so incredibly sad and sorry." The girls trip was set to be sponsored by HyperX, meaning even more was on the line. Of course, QTCinderella took things in stride, joking about pal Maya Higa shortly after announcing the trip wasn't happening.

While QTCinderella hasn't said anything for the moment about movements to possibly reschedule Girls Trip or what she may have in store for her next streaming event, she did take to her Twitch channel to talk more about Girls Trip's cancellation and plans with her subscribers. It's an unfortunate way for things to go, but QTCinderella's fans have taken solace in the fact that the streamers are all safe and did the best that they could in light of the circumstances. QTCinderella likely has plans for a new event that fans can start looking forward to soon.