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MultiVersus Players Already Want One Character Fixed

In case you've missed it, the closed alpha for "MultiVersus" began on May 19 and it's been creating a fair amount of positive buzz. This "Super Smash Bros."-inspired platform brawler with Warner Bros. characters is promising an enormous cast of characters when it launches, including cheeky meme references such as Ultra Instinct Shaggy. Even though the game, which is planned to be free-to-play, is currently available only to those invited via email, an impassioned community is quickly rising around the title. Mods are already making the game weirder and it has even replaced "Smash Bros." at this year's EVO.

Of course, like all fighting games, fans have been very vocal about what characters they feel are a pain to fight, and which ones boast seriously OP moves. Player First Games, the studio behind MultiVersus, has already stated that Finn, Jake, Harley Quinn, and Reindog will all be receiving nerfs in the near future. However, there's one character that seemingly everyone wants nerfed more than any other.

Taz is a total terror

According to a number of players over on the MultiVersus reddit, one of the most ludicrously powerful characters in the game is the Tasmanian devil himself: the Looney Tune known as Taz. Some cite his incredible damage output and the large amount of knockback from his Taz-Nado move as contributing factors for why fighting him makes them looney. There are even reports that he'll glitch out and become invisible on the PS4 version of the game. 

However, one of the most clear pieces of evidence that this cartoony critter is out of control is a video posted by user slurmp223. In this clip, Taz shows off an equally impressive and terrifying "zero-to-death" combo in which the toons' opponent is basically incapable of fighting back. While it's enough to make some shudder in fear, it's important to remember that the game is currently in a closed Alpha state. With an open beta scheduled for sometime this July, the game is far from its finalized state and all of the player feedback will undoubtedly prove useful to the developers.

In fact, "MultiVersus" director Tony Huynh recently took to Twitter and said, "I just wanted to say thanks for helping us test the game. We've learned a lot so far. We're fixing hundreds of bugs, and getting a lot of data about balance. We'll keep working at it." Between this tweet and the studio openly sharing its plans to nerf specific characters, it seems that the devs are very interested in taking players' responses into consideration. With a name like Player First Games, you'd hope so!