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Elden Ring: How To Find Spellblade's Pointed Hat

Like all FromSoftware games, "Elden Ring" can be extremely challenging. Having the right build with the right gear can make all the difference. Those who play as giant warriors will likely want to collect a good set of heavy plate armor, while those who prefer to play Dex-based builds will prefer armor that allows them to stay light on their feet (with some even finding that playing naked is a perfectly legitimate strategy) – but what kind of armor is best for mages?

Players who choose to give their characters Intelligence and Faith-based builds will want to make sure that they have armor that compliments their skills, too. The Spellblade set grants bonuses to Magic and Cold damages in addition to granting the player some worthwhile resistances. The most prized piece in this set is the Spellblade's Pointed Hat. Not only is this helm useful, but many players want it for role-playing purposes, since it has the look of a classic, wide-brimmed wizard's hat. Getting it takes a little bit of work, since players will first have to defeat one of the game's main bosses, do a few fetch quests, and spend a fair bit of time talking with NPCs. Here's how to do it.

Starting Rogier's quest

The gear is held by an NPC named Sorcerer Rogier and it can only be obtained by looting it from his dead body. Players can first meet him as a summon against Margit the Fell Omen. He can then be found in Stormveil Castle where players can talk to him in the northwestern chapel. It is only after they speak to him here or defeat Godrick the Grafted that Rogier will move to Roundtable Hold and players can start the process of obtaining his fancy wizarding gear.

After talking to Rogier in the Hold for the first time, he will gift the player a weapon called Rogier's Rapier (if they defeated Godrick) and let them know that he is not feeling well. There's a few ways this can play out at this point depending on whether the player has met certain NPCs and discovered certain locations.

One of the methods involves defeating the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit under Stormveil Castle and examining the ancient, rotting face just beyond. Players can speak to Rogier about this face and he will explain that it is a sacred relic of the Black Knives plot. This begins his main questline which is considered the primary method of obtaining his gear.

Finding Rogier dead

Once players have started the quest, they will then have to speak to Fia in order to get the location of the Black Knife Catacombs. Here, they can go and retrieve the Black Knifeprint. Players give this to Rogier who will then send them to speak with Ranni in the Three Sisters area. After being sent back and forth between the two a few times, the player can become one of Ranni's vessels. At this point, speaking to Rogier will reveal that his illness has worsened. If the player passes enough time outside the Roundtable Hold, Rogier will eventually die. When the player returns to Roundtable Hold, they will find his Bell Bearing, a letter, and the Spellblade armor set, including the pointed hat.

The YouTube channel Its Shatter has made a video that describes an alternate method that does not require the completion of Rogier's quest. In the video, Shatter says that players need to first have Rogier and D, Hunter of the Dead present in Roundtable Hold. The YouTuber then describes speaking with Rogier until they've completed all his dialogue options and then asking about D. Players should then leave the Hold, pass time and come back. If Rogier is looking ill, speak to D about why Rogier is sick. Next, leave the Roundtable Hold and pass time again. This step may have to be repeated a few times, but eventually the player should return to the hold to find Rogier dead with gear available and his questline still incomplete.