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Hasan Piker Left Speechless After Receiving Valkyrae's RFLCT

Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker recently had an interesting blast from the past while opening gifts during a stream. One of the items that had been left in Piker's PO box over the last nine months was a box of fellow streamer Rachel "Valkyrae" Hoffstetter's RFLCT skincare product. While it's not as dramatic as the time that Piker was banned on Twitch, it's an awkward reminder of the disastrous collaboration between Valkyrae and Ideavation Labs.

Valkyrae, who confirmed what fans suspected earlier this year by leaving Twitch to focus on YouTube, has yet to comment on the unpleasant memory that cropped up in Piker's stream. Piker himself seemed unsure about what to say once he grabbed the box. "I don't even know if I want to open this. If this is what I think it is...Okay, let's just go. Let's just open it." And, of course, his suspicions were correct.

RFLCT powered by BLPF

For those that aren't aware Valkyrae's skincare line went viral, but for a controversial reason. Valkyrae announced her partnership with Ideavation Labs to produce the RFLCT skincare product late last year. RFLCT promised to help lower the potential damage that blue light can allegedly have on one's skin. With an audience of gamers following her and, of course, the fact that just about everyone uses a smartphone, the logic behind the partnership made sense. 

What didn't make sense to many, however, was the product itself. Those against the product claimed that RFLCT was offering an expensive solution to a non-existent problem with its research supposedly rooted in pseudoscience. RFLCT's suspicious-sounding "BLPF" or blue light prevention factor technology, didn't sit well with many fans, and soon many people began calling out Valkyrae for helping to launch the product. Despite the outright goofiness of the product, the scandal was tragic for Valkyrae who seemed to have suffered in her mental health following so much aggressive pushback. The streamer even admitted that she'd begun therapy to help get things back on track and get the help she needed.

Following his reveal of the opened RFLCT box on stream, HasanAbi and his viewers jokingly agreed that the now discontinued assortment of skincare products could be considered a collectible and possibly worth something in the future. It remains to be seen, of course, if a product that wasn't worth much to fans when it was announced will be worth anything in the future, but stranger things have happened. For starters, there's a copy of a Zelda game that's worth more than your car.