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Disguised Toast Reveals His Biggest Regret About Facebook Gaming

It's a big decision for streamers to commit to a platform, especially when they run the risk of losing a large pre-existing audience. For Disguised Toast, finding a home for his content has been quite the process. Fans were quite taken aback in 2019 when the star left his over a million Twitch followers for an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming, though after learning about the difference in payment between the two platforms, it was clearly a no-brainer.

Everything came full circle in November 2021, when Toast revealed that he would be returning to Twitch, where he currently streams regularly. Though things are settled for now, the streamer is still open about his issues with his platform of choice, particularly when it comes to potential roadblocks for new streamers. There's no telling if that might change with time, especially given his recent comments about Twitch streamers jumping over to YouTube.

Disguised Toast has clearly been through quite the saga, so whenever he speaks on his motivations or thoughts on the current streaming landscape, fans tend to listen. During a June 2 stream, Toast shared a significant regret he still holds onto about his time at Facebook Gaming.

Disguised Toast wishes he hadn't missed a certain era on Twitch

As Disguised Toast shared with his viewers in a June 2 stream, "I really wish that I was on Twitch when 'Among Us' popped off." At the time when the game was at its most popular, Toast was still exclusive to Facebook Gaming. Explaining further, Toast confirmed that he still thinks he made the right choice to go to Facebook when he did. However, Toast said, "I wish I was on Twitch [for 'Among Us'] because it was the biggest game in the world by a huge margin and I was the biggest content creator for it, streaming-wise, but I got severely hampered because I was on a platform that not a lot of viewers used."

Though he didn't refer to it directly, these comments call to mind the incident in which Toast was left out of an "Among Us" session with Jimmy Fallon and many of the streaming stars with whom Toast regularly played the game. Additionally, he specifically called out the discrepancy in viewer numbers he could've seen, claiming he could have received five times as many viewers on Twitch in that time.

Clearly, Toast wishes things were different, but he's not beating himself up over it. In his words, "It's not regret, in the sense that I had no choice over that. I couldn't predict it; I just wish I was on Twitch for that." Though he's moved on to new content, far away from "Among Us," it's a big deal to get comments from Toast on both his history and a game that majorly propelled his career.