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The Hilarious Way That Call Of Duty Cheaters Are Becoming Defenseless

As any "Call of Duty" fan can likely tell you, the franchise has had a rough time with cheating. Using hacks that let them see players through walls, turn themselves invincible, inflict more damage, and plenty of others, hackers and cheaters have earned plenty of ire from the "Call of Duty" community. Playing against those who have illegally stacked the game in their favor is definitely not enjoyable. Sadly, even after seeing the consequences that befall other "Call of Duty" cheaters, they continue to run rampant in many multiplayer lobbies.


That's why parent company Activision's Team Ricochet has been working hard to kick cheaters from the whole franchise. In a recent blog post, Team Ricochet detailed its plans moving forward, and some of its recent successes in making "Call of Duty" lobbies better places to play. In fact, since the game's anti-cheat update from April 26 of this year, Team Ricochet has already issued more than 180,000 additional bans across "Call of Duty: Warzone" and "Call of Duty: Vanguard." 

But the good news doesn't stop there. Not only are cheaters being banned, but they're being singled out in hilarious ways. Here's how Team Ricochet has started to systematically remove cheaters' defenses.

Disarmed and Non-Dangerous

Team Ricochet describes itself as "a cross-functional group composed of security, game and server engineers, researchers, data scientists, and more." The task of finding and punishing cheaters sounds incredibly challenging, as Team Ricochet lays out the process as being similar to fighting an ever-changing virus. "While our team has been able to establish systems that can quickly detect and respond to bad behaviors, we know tomorrow will continue to deliver new and evolving threats."


Fortunately, the quest to eradicate cheating has led to plenty of little victories along the way. The latest is the hilarious way in which Team Ricochet now disarms cheaters. Using an anti-cheat measure fittingly titled "Disarm," players found to be using cheating software may now find themselves running around "Call of Duty" maps without any weapons. They won't even have use of their fists. The team has said it doesn't expect to see too many clips of "Disarm" popping up online, due to cheaters not wanting to out themselves, but the team has said that the reactions of cheaters suddenly realizing what's happened is "always priceless."

While Team Ricochet have plenty of other tools to punish cheaters, "Disarm" is arguably the group's best, because it makes it pretty much impossible for cheaters to win. Hopefully, with Team Ricochet's continued work, anyone with an inclination of cheating in "Call of Duty" will find themselves swiftly, permanently, and hilariously disarmed.