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Pokimane Reveals How Much She Thinks She'd Make On OnlyFans

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane recently responded to ongoing questions about the possibility of her starting an OnlyFans account. Some fans will likely be disappointed to learn that she is currently ruling out the possibility of joining. However, she did seem to acknowledge that she had considered it, and even had a guess about how much she would make as an OnlyFans performer.


For those unfamiliar, OnlyFans is an online platform that allows anyone to create an account and upload pictures and videos of themselves. Fans can pay to subscribe to the account and view the content. OnlyFans is open to any sort of content and includes people who make fitness videos, do yoga, and teach how to cook. It is best known, however, for its adult content.

Launched in 2016, Onlfans saw its popularity and user-base skyrocket during the pandemic, according to The Guardian. Driven by lockdowns, millions of people turned to OnlyFans for entertainment and as a source of income. Since then, professional adult performers, and even mainstream celebrities like Bella Thorne and Denise Richards, have joined as a means to capitalize on their established popularity. 


No to OnlyFans

Given the growing popularity of OnlyFans and the money that can be made by anyone with an established fanbase, it makes sense that some of Pokimane's followers would raise the possibility of her joining the platform. This, according to Pokimane, is not in the cards, however. While speaking with Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo, another popular streamer, on her Twitch channel, Poki made it clear that she would not be joining OnlyFans despite the money she could make. Her explanation was that the money is simply not worth doing something she wouldn't enjoy.


"I think it's pretty clear at this point that if I don't genuinely want to do something, it doesn't matter how much money I can make doing it, I'm not gonna do it," she told Rinaudo and her Twitch viewers. She then added, "there is just nothing I hate more than that torturous feeling of doing things I don't like to do." This doesn't mean Pokimane is unaware that she could be making big money on OnlyFans if she ever chose to start an account.

Pokimane predicted that she could make between $1 million and $10 million a month if she were to join OnlyFans. Rinaudo was quick to argue that she was being too modest, interjecting that she was "completely wrong" and "could make way more than that." A review of OnlyFans statistics and business model would seem to support Pokimane's estimate.


Pokimane's Likely OnlyFans Income

According to OnlyFans, content creators should expect between one and five percent of their subscribers on other platforms to follow them to the platform. Business Insider reports that the average OnlyFans account charges $9.99 a month for a subscription. Given these numbers, it stands to reason that Pokimane, with her 9.2 million Twitch viewers could expect to make between $920,000 and $4.6 million a month from OnlyFans. It would seem Pokimane's estimate is right on the money (no pun intended).


While Rinaudo is very kind to insist she would make more, he should note that despite lots of celebrities being able to make millions on OnlyFans, very few can get close to or crack $10 million a month. According to Statista, last year only two content creators/public figures were able to make more than $10 million a month on OnlyFans. Even superstar Cardi B couldn't quite reach that threshold.

Still, $1 to $4 million is nothing to complain about. Pokimane's refusal to join OnlyFans speaks to her commitment to living by her principles and her willingness to turn down money when it doesn't feel right to her.

Doing What She Loves

In the past, Pokimane has put her foot down on gambling sponsorships out of principle. Explaining why she wouldn't promote gambling no matter what she could be paid, she stated that "the guilt would eat me alive."  She has also spoken out against streaming Activision Blizzard games in response to allegations that the company was fostering a hostile work environment. Allegations against Activision Blizzard have captured everyone's attention lately and Pokimane has been vocal in her opposition to the company and her support for employees. More recently, she courted controversy when she discussed how she can't stand the use of the word "simp." Discussing its use as an insult and a means to silence others, she argued that the term promotes misogyny and bigotry. 


Her stance on joining OnlyFans would seem to be yet more proof that, for Pokimane, it's not all about the money. She cares far more about living according to her beliefs and doing what she loves.