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Every Killer In Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Explained

Let's be honest – there have been plenty of movies and video games that have glorified killers, including the Ted Bundy movie "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile," which featured Zac Efron. Oftentimes media creates villains that inspire fans, and "Dead by Daylight" has a bizarre new spinoff that does just that.


Have you ever played a horror game and thought that you really wanted to date one of the villains? "Hooked on You" might be the next game on your backlog. The survival horror game has become a dating sim, and even nabbed the team behind the bizarre KFC sim "I Love You Colonel Sanders" to work on the project.

Despite the fact that looking for love might just lead to your death, that's not the important part of the game. The four romanceable killers are the highlight of the title, and everyone's dying to know who they are and what they're like.

The Trapper

The Trapper was one of the original villains in "Dead by Daylight," and he'll be one of the eligible bachelors in "Hooked on You" as well. His real name is Evan MacMillan, but you may know him by "Chuckles," as he's called occasionally in "Dead by Daylight."


There's a short intro to his character on the official "Hooked on You" website, and The Trapper is basically your average, top dog male — with the addition of being a serial killer, of course. However, he's "worth snaring" if you're willing to take the risk of becoming his next target. 

The snaring comment on the game's site could manifest into a physical action in the dating sim. The Trapper has a special power in "Dead by Daylight" that's a bear trap. It's important to be wary of water around him, since that's his favorite place to kill, but that might be a bit difficult considering the dating game's set on a tropical island vacation.

The Huntress

In "Dead by Daylight," The Huntress is one of the more terrifying villains with her creepy bunny mask. Her real name is Anna, and she's known for using a hatchet. Her official character description points out that she's looking for love, along with someone who will help her "butcher men in the forest." 


It's not clear whether she's a human or some sort of beast, but she does eat squirrels out in the forest. Plus, her hatchet may make an appearance while you try to romance her and her luscious muscles. 

Sticking to the beach might be your best option to avoid getting taken out by this behemoth of a woman. However, even her lore in "Dead by Daylight" makes it clear that all she's wanted is a family. Part of her disturbing backstory includes her kidnapping girls to keep for herself because she wanted a child of her own, so who knows what she'll do to someone trying to win her heart.

The Wraith

Another one of the original "Dead by Daylight" villains made it into "Hooked on You:" The Wraith. The Wraith has many names, including Philip, Banshee, and Bob, and his character description makes him sound as lovable as he is terrifying. He might not look like it, but there's a "quiet, inquisitive, sensitive boy underneath that sinewy man."


He's also a bit weird, and he'll appreciate any weirdness you bring to the conversation. His villain backstory isn't exactly the height of villainy, either. He just wanted to save someone and got caught in the crossfire.

Considering some of the high-sounding stakes of romancing The Trapper or The Huntress, The Wraith sounds like a much safer option. However, he's a villain for a reason, so don't let your guard down around him despite his great looks and personality. After all, his invisibility might play a role and cause trouble in the new sim.

The Spirit

The last of the revealed romanceable villains in "Hooked on You" is The Spirit. The Spirit, known as Rin in "Dead by Daylight," is the newest villain to make an appearance in the game. Her character description also references her signature weapon, the katana, so watch out.


Not only does The Spirit love anything and everything about ghosts, she's also the perfect goth girl. She enjoys reading, particularly horror books, and she's not a fan of the beach fun like everyone else. She's also not interested in trying to compete for you, so don't let her catch you going after someone else.

Her appearance in the dating sim matches her lore more than her appearance in the original game. The glass pieces stuck in her skin are much more pronounced, and even her severed arm is clear in "Hooked on You." Just try not to set her off or make her feel jealous, or she might be taking revenge on you.