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Rockstar Ends Major Red Dead Online Updates, And Fans Are Furious

Rockstar Games is known for taking its sweet time when it comes to game development. For example, "Red Dead Redemption 2" was in production for over eight years before it finally got released in late 2018 (per IGN). Between big releases, some gamers like to boot up one of Rockstar's live service titles, "GTA: Online" or "Red Dead Online," to scratch their open-world mayhem itch. But anyone who has played both will know that only one of these games is Rockstar's favorite child.


In the past, Rockstar has released numerous massive updates to "GTA Online," bringing new missions, items, events, and more. "Red Dead Online," on the other hand, hasn't gotten nearly as much love from Rockstar. Many have criticized Rockstar for this, going as far as coining the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline to be plastered all over social media. Instead of getting better, things look like they are getting much worse for "Red Dead Online," and fans haven't been shy about expressing their frustrations.

No new content coming to Red Dead Online

On July 7, Rockstar Games posted an update blog concerning the future of "GTA" and "Red Dead Online." To the dismay of many, Rockstar explained that it would no longer deliver major themed content updates for "Red Dead Online." Instead, Rockstar plans to host monthly reruns of previous events in "Red Dead Online." Rockstar explained that this was done to shift development resources over to "GTA 6."


However, on the other hand, Rockstar noted numerous upcoming expansions arriving in the next few weeks to "GTA Online," including new contract missions, balance changes, and expansions to the Criminal Careers of Executive, Gunrunner, Biker, and Nightclub owners.

Of course, fans of Rockstar's cowboy multiplayer epic weren't too happy about the news. Rockstar Games enthusiast @videotech_ wrote in reply to the blog post, "Our unmatched enthusiasm was due to your empty promises for Red Dead Online." And concluded with, "On behalf of the community and I we're disappointed with you." In addition, users like @SanisLupusElite find it hypocritical that Rockstar is setting aside resources for "GTA Online" but refuses to do the same for "Red Dead Online."


Gamers have also humorously scheduled an in-game "funeral for Red Dead Online" for the 13th of July. Of course, there's always a chance Rockstar sees the community backlash this news has caused and backpedal, but considering the consistently low player numbers of "Red Dead Online," it might be best that gamers don't get their hopes up.